Why Save Soil Is Important For Our Planet?

Save Soil

The Save Soil movement was started on 21 March 2022 by the Indian spiritual leader and founder of the Isha Foundation, Sadhguru. With the ‘Journey to Save Soil’ movement, Sadhguru tried to raise awareness in twenty-six countries through a 100-day motorcycle journey about soil degradation in the world.

In this article, you will get a better idea of the Save Soil movement in general and what it stands for. Apart from that, you will know about other useful details about the movement too. Furthermore, we will also discuss the importance of saving soil and what you can do to join the movement and save the soil around you.

The Save Soil Movement – A General Overview

Soil is one of the most important resources on the planet that is extremely necessary to sustain life. Without soil, it is impossible for humans, animals, and plants to live on this planet. According to Isha Foundation, Save Soil is “a Global Movement to invoke a conscious approach to soil and planet in all. One of the main objectives of the movement is to show governments across the world that their citizens want policies that revitalize ecology and soil.”

With the movement, Sadhguru tries to make citizens of the world take part in large numbers to save soil. The mission is to make the leaders of the world address the ecological issues of the planet and convert such issues into election issues. The movement is basically trying to pursue governments to “adopt policies and set budgets for sustained implementation of ecological solutions.”

The UNCCD (United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification) is also collaborating in the movement by being a key partner and a contributor of communications, outreach, as well as scientific and factual knowledge.

Furthermore, this movement also has the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) as its supporter. According to IUCN, this is the right time for the movement, as it accepts the problem with soil degradation: “Soil degradation is the physical, chemical and biological decline of soil quality. Caused by unabated deforestation and urbanisation, industrial pollution, overgrazing, and unsustainable agricultural practices, half of the world’s soil is already degraded.”

If you want to know more about the Save Soil movement, Save Soil Images, Save Soil Drawing, and other details, you must check out the official page of Isha Foundation’s Save Soil movement at the following link: https://www.ishaoutreach.org/en/save-soil

Top Save Soil Quotes From Sadhguru, Founder Of The Save Soil Movement


The following are some of the most thought-provoking Save Soil quotes from Sadhguru:

“Soil being alive is the most important thing because the strength of the soil determines the strength of every life.”

“Right now, the most important aspect of conserving nature is the soil. If we do not stop soil degradation, the planet will not be conducive for human beings to live upon.”

“When you are in touch with the soil, it is not just an intellectual reminder – your body is reminded in a very fundamental way that it is just a piece of earth.”

“Agriculture can only thrive on rich soil – there is simply no other way. Regeneration of soil is the invigoration of life.”

“A land with rich soil & abundant water is the best gift we can offer to future generations.”

“Without reversing soil degradation, there is simply no way to reconcile the rapid decline in food production with the exponential growth in population size. This is our greatest generational prerogative and most valuable legacy.”

Why Save Soil? The Importance Of Saving Soil

To sustain humankind and life on the earth, we need to understand the importance of soil and conserve it for the future. You will need to take many precautionary and conservation measures to ensure that the soil structure in your area remains conserved. The following are the reasons why it is important to save soil:

1. Life exists in the world because of soil. Microorganisms in the soil ensure the maintenance of sustainable food systems and also help in controlling climate change.

2. Soil is the source of food and shelter for animals and plants. Furthermore, the microorganisms in the soil help in improving the soil structure and drainage system in the soil.

3. The carbon cycle is one of the most important processes that ensure life on the planet. Soil helps in absorbing the carbon from the earth’s atmosphere, which helps in reducing the bad effects of carbon and other greenhouse gases.

4. Soil is the source of food production since all the food comes from the soil. Furthermore, agriculture is directly dependent on the soil, and farmers rely on those soil to ensure food production.

5. Soil also helps in purifying the water in the atmosphere on the earth and sucks it underground to store it. This water is fit for the consumption of humans and animals.

6. Soil also helps in making the raw material for various infrastructure needs. Apart from that, the soil is the storehouse of the important minerals and ores in the earth.

How To Save Soil? – Things You Can Do Now

Save Soil

If you want to save soil, you will need to practice soil conservation. This is basically a combination of practices that you can use to protect soil from the negative effects of degradation. Here are the major things you can do now to save soil near you:

1. Always keep living vegetation on soil, or residue from the previous crop, to keep it protected throughout the year.

2. Minimize the number of times a soil is tilled.

3. Start practicing no-tillage farming.

4. Contour farming helps in slowing down the flow of water and saves soil that runs along with the water.

5. Control soil erosion with the help of strip cropping.

6. Create a windbreak barrier to limit the flow of the wind, which creates soil erosion.

7. Practice crop rotation.

8. Make use of legumes as green fertilizers to save the soil.

9. Start making use of natural fertilizers.

Summing Up

Hope you now have a better idea of the save soil movement and why you must contribute to the movement too. To save soil in your area, there are a lot more things you can do apart from the solutions we have provided. If you know about some other better solution(s) for soil conservation, consider commenting below.

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