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The istanagreenworld.com is a magazine site for writers and authors to get the latest information regarding solar power technologies daily. You can publish your newsletters, videos, blogs, articles, and several other related content related to the solar power industry. All the writers who have knowledge in the niche of solar technology can share their excellent pieces of writeups here. You are welcome to share your exclusive contents here in this site. 

What Way Do We Work? 

Our team of content writers are responsible for producing unique contents that are screened thoroughly by our team of content editors. Your solar technology content will be published in our site once your story complies with oir guidelines. 

Where your story will fit in our website is not our decision rather it is decided by the views, shares, comments and likes your content has received.  

We allow our writers to interact and engage with other writers to each members of your community. We believe in receiving the feedback from the stories of the otherc writers to help your improve your own knowledge verticles.  

Follow The Guidelines  

If you want to popilarize your content through oir website then at the time of writing the contents do not use “I” to put forward your opinion. Ensure that you write captivating content that are engaging starting from the beginning to the end of your story or the news that relates to solar energy.    

Before you submit your writeups ensure that all the grammar and spelling are written properly. Your writeups will not be published unless you follow our editorial guidelines. The best thing about our topic is that we accept 1000 word content length not less than that.   

The world is ready to hear from you about the new technologies that are updating continuously in the solar field. 

Feel free to contact us with your ideas and writeups as well as your queries if you gave any using our contact us form ot you can mail us at webmaster@redhatmedia.net.