Top Best Eco-Friendly Paints For Your Living Room

Best Eco Friendly Paints For Your Living Room

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Your home should always be your comfort zone. Making your home colorful and safe for your family is one of the healthiest choices that you can make. Why not use eco-friendly paint for walls?

In this article, I will explain why you should use such biodegradable paints, including their benefits. Then, I will provide details about some of the best eco-friendly paint brands you can contact to paint your walls. 

What Are Eco-Friendly Paints?

What Are Eco Friendly Paint

Most chemical-based paints that we see in most buildings are made with airborne chemicals and gasses without air sealing. While they might not be harmful at first, dust generated from these paints can harm your health. 

Such paints contain VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) that can harm your health. They can cause many health problems like headaches, dizziness, and much more. Therefore, any paint not having VOC in them can be referred to as eco-friendly paint. 

The problems become more severe when used indoors. However, the worst scenario is when you strip paint off your walls before you call in eco-friendly painters. This is why doctors recommend you keep potted plants in your house, as they help purify the air. 

Best Eco-Friendly Paints To Brighten Up Your Living Room

Some of the best eco-friendly paint for home to brighten up your living room in the healthiest way possible are:

1. ECOS Paint

ECOS Paint

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Price: $69 per gallon

Availability: Online

Best For: Odorless and organic paints

ECOS Paints has the tagline “paint you can be good about,” – which sums up what this paint brand is all about. This company from the USA specializes in odorless, eco-friendly paints. They have a large collection of paints for interior walls and exterior walls. In addition, they use a secret transparent ingredient that makes their paints safer than most standard paints.

The popularity of ECOS Paints has spread far and wide. Many famous places have used this best paint for homes, including Westminster Abbey, the Louvre, and Getty Museum. So if you want quality colors with a dash of eco-friendliness, then get ECOS Paints for your house!

2. Claire Paint

Claire Paint

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Price: $54 per gallon

Availability: Online

Best For: Trim paints

If you want artistic colors for your artsy interiors, get a bucket of Claire Paints to make it environmentally sound. This eco-friendly paint company is famous for having specially curated colors that look artsy and contemporary. Since their paints are eco-friendly, they have received a Gold Certification from Greenguard. This is because the manufacturing plants use recycled packaging products that produce less waste and conserve a lot of water

If you don’t know which colors to choose from, you can start with a free shipment of $2 pouches to sample them. In addition, you can visit their website to partake in a Clare ColorGenius Quiz to narrow down all your options as per your needs. 

3. Backdrop


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Price: Starting from $59 per gallon

Availability: Online

Best For: Exterior wall painting

If your company is certified as the first climate-friendly paint company in 2020, you know Backdrop means business. This company has more than 50 interior and exterior colors that they will deliver to your house in a recyclable canister. In addition, their paints are certified as Green Wise since they have lesser VOCs and odor than other paint brands.

If you are confused about how much paint you require, you can use their online paint calculator. Plus, you can also see what materials and tools you need by consulting their professional painters. 

4. Graham & Brown

Graham & Brown

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Price: $90 per gallon

Availability: Online

Best For: Eco-friendly paint, wall art, and wallpaper

It feels great when a paint company offers you much more than simple house paints. For example, Graham & Brown provides various types of wall decors and wall art besides paints. Therefore, you can pick a color or artwork and mix and match their colors to see what suits your wall the best. 

This company has a vast collection of 400 paints and wall finishes (even rare ones like glitter and metallic topcoats). In addition, to live up to its name as an eco-friendly paint company, they will also plant a sapling in your garden for free (if you want).

You can get an idea easily if you are unsure about which color to pick from. Simply ask them for a peel-and-stick sample of any shade you want. Then, you can make it the same color as your solar panel setup on your roof!

5. The Real Milk Paint Co.

The Real Milk Paint Co.

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Price: $62.99 per gallon

Availability: Online, retail

Best For: Kid-friendly furniture paint

You’re mistaken if you think eco-friendly paints are only made from eco-friendly materials. For example, ever thought about using milk as your wall paint? The Real Milk Paint Co. seems to do so.

This paint is created using real milk protein instead of the watery latex used by many other brands. In addition, Real Milk Paint Co. has many amazing color shades for you to choose from. Here, you can mix and match pigments to customize your desired color. 

This eco-friendly paint company was formed in 1995. Since all its paints are made from milk, they are biodegradable. In addition, they have made it such that even the varnishes and waxes are odorless. This paint is great for painting dry walls, wooden structures, and concrete. Just add water to the paint, and you are good to go!

6. BioShield


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Price: Starting from $46 per gallon

Availability: Online

Best For: Clay paints for a matte finish

All Bioshield paints are biodegradable. They have various eco-friendly paint products in their catalog, which are solvent-free with no VOC. In addition, the paints are made from eco-friendly renewable resources without using toxic ingredients. This is true to the company’s stance of creating a safer home for everyone!

7. Earth Pigments

Earth Pigments

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Price: Starting at $54+ for a 5 kg bucket

Availability: Online

Best For: Non Toxic pigments

If you want beautiful and rich colors that make your interiors and exterior walls glow, choose Earth Pigments. All the eco-friendly paints of this brand have warm, earthly colors that are made from oxide pigments and naturally available mica. These minerals and plant-based pigments are dug up from the ground, making them highly biodegradable.

In addition to this brand having various bright shades, you can mix and match the pigments to create your own shades. Also, you can simply contact them to get a free consultation that’s absolutely with the effort!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)?

Homemakers have asked various questions related to eco-friendly paints for homes. They are:

Q1. Which Paint Is Best For Interior Walls In India?

Ans – Indian homes have walls that are made differently from western houses. Therefore, Berger paints (one of the most famous paint companies in India) recommend that Indian homemakers use emulsion paints.

Q2. Will Eco-Friendly Paints Stay For A Long Time?

Ans – Yes, eco-friendly paints will stay for a long time. They last just as long as normal paints, with the added benefit of being eco-friendly.


All the seven eco-friendly paint brands that have been mentioned here are great choices if you wish to repaint your house. Since you are repainting, why not make use of the healthiest choices possible? All these companies manufacture VOC-free paints that are great for your walls and your family.


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