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How Much Does Generac Power Cell Cost?

Generac power cell

Generac acquired the battery manufacturing company Pika Energy in 2019. From that year, they started to introduce their new ventures. They are working on their very own home brand storage solutions. We all know their names as the leading backup power space providers. Generac is now launching its new project of the Generac power cell energy and energy storage.

The Generac PWRcell products lines are lining their new products launching. Let’s see some key factors for Generac power cell and how much you have to spend for Generac power cell.

Key Takeaways:-  

1. “The basic 9 kWh PWRcell has a manufacturer-suggested retail price of $12,435 and a typical installed price of around $18,000.” 

2. “The Generac PWRcell is a solar battery available in four sizes: 9 kilowatt-hour (kWh), 12 KwH and 18 kWh. You can reach 36 kWh by combining two units.” 

3. “The Generac PWRcell qualifies for the 30% federal tax credit, and additional incentives may be available on your location.”

How Much Does Generac Power Cell Cost?

The price range of Generac power Cells starts with a base price of $9,999.This is the base price before the installation. The PWR cell comes in different sizes and various ranges.

Capacity: The ranges start from  9 to 18 kWh, and it continues the growth of  4.5 to 9 kW of power.

This is the general Generac power cell cost. This is the best information about the Generac home battery system. And now, all of these batteries are available in the you can start the buying process. Before buying the cell, analyze the capacity of the power cells. Even along with the Generac power cell, you can also get other energy storage options.

What Are The Costs Of Installing Generac Power Cell As Part Of A Solar Storage System?

What Are The Costs Of Installing Generac Power Cell As Part Of A Solar Storage System?

You can install the PWRcell as part of a solar-plus-storage system. You have to spend more than a 5-kilowatt solar energy system for this type of operation. And Generac power cell solar system cost will be around $9,999 to $15,500.This cost can vary. And it all depends on your location and the requirements of the energy.

This may sound very costly. But the real factor is when you are installing a solar storage system, you will get maximum benefits from it. The Generac power cell uses are always the best way if you want to cut off your electricity bill and the expenses. The price is partially depending on your location and the hardware installing equipment.

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How Does The Generac Power Cell Work?

How Does The Generac Power Cell Work?

The Generac PWRcell is working well with the solar panel. When the utility is reducing the net metering, that type of Generac power cell is going to be the best pick for you. The Generac power cell is maintaining a sustainable power supply day and night.

Your solar panels are producing a sufficient amount of electricity. And the Generac PWRcell is storing your solar energy. You do not have to think about the nighttime electricity supply. During the night, your Generac PWRcell will maintain the energy supply.

The solar panels are always producing excess energy. You can simply store that energy and not send it back to the grid when your panels are not producing enough electricity to meet the home requirements. You can use the electricity from Generac PWRcell.

If you do not store the excess energy, you have to buy it from the utility company. That will be a much more costly option for you.

Generac Power Cell VS Generator

Generac power Cell VS Generator

In the Generac power cell reviews, you will see many users keep saying this is a costly solution. I am agreeing with the factors that during the installations the Generac power cells are a little bit costly solution. Generators are much more economical options.

But in the long run, the Generac PWRcell is a much more profitable option. Even the functions are more solid.

Let’s see what the difference between a Generac power cell vs generator is.

Generac Power CellGenerator
Generac PWRcell is meant to work on solar panels.Generators are meant to work on the batteries and produce electricity.
Generac PWRcell installations are a little bit costly.Generators are a less costly and easily available option.
Generac PWRcell is reducing your electricity bills.Generators are producing electricity, but it will not reduce your electricity consumption and bills.
Generac PWRcell is storing the solar panel producing extra electricity. You can use it afterward.The fuel-based functions are more reliable but increase environmental pollution.

Generac Power Cell Warranty Coverage

The Generac PWRcell warranties last for 10 years.

Throughput Warranty Coverages: It runs between 22.6 and 45.3 megawatt-hours depending on battery size and capacity.

But this is the general warranty structure of the Generac PWRcell.When you are buying the Generac power cell, check the battery capacity and the other functions.

Is The Generac PWRcell Worth It?

Is The Generac PWRcell Worth It

From a financial point of view, if you add a battery system to the solar system then it is logical to follow these conditions.

1. You don’t have access to net metering   

“If you live in a region without net metering, you won’t get billing credits for excess solar energy sent to the electrical grid. You can instead save money by storing energy in a battery for later use.”

2. Your state has an unfavorable net metering program  

“Some net metering programs have unfavorable terms that pay you lower than the retail rate for excess energy generation. However, if you store surplus energy in a battery, you can save the full value of each kilowatt-hour of energy used.”

3.You have access to energy storage incentives   

“Some state agencies and utility companies offer incentives for battery storage systems. These incentives can reduce your upfront battery cost and create a shorter payback period.”

4. Your utility companies charge time of use tariffs  

“Some electric companies charge variable prices throughout the day, with higher rates during peak demand hours. In this scenario, you can use a backup battery to cover your consumption during times with the highest tariffs.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Generac Power Cell:

How Long Does The Generac power Cell Last?

The power and capacity of the Generac PWRcell are outstanding. You can see the company’s faith in the product. They are going to give 10 years of the warranty period for the individual users. !7 different types of battery warranty periods last up to 10 years.

Is Spending For Generac power Cell Worth It?

When you are having frequent power shortages. The Generac PWRcell is always a great solution. This is better suited for off-grid living. The modular  PWRcell batteries last with a 9 kWh storage capacity.

Can You Charge Your EV with A PWRcell?

The largest PWRcell battery model is 18 kWh.But this power is not enough for charging your electric vehicles. The battery power is enough to use for the home utilities inside and outside. 

Final Words:

Even the Generac power cell solar system costs around $10,000.But my opinion is simple. If you are searching for a battery storage system to store the excess energy, then this is the right selection for you. But when you require mass production of electricity as you want to charge your EV vehicles, then you have to shift your choice. Hence this is a pretty reliable environment-friendly solar power storage system.

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