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What Is Terrace Farming

terrace farming

If you are so much into matters of farming, then chances are you have heard about terrace farming.  If you come from places where this farming is practiced, then also you might have an idea of how it is carried out. Terrace farming, much as it might be presumed that many people know, is still not known to many people still.  

The fact that this kind of farming is very rare and also practiced in very few areas means that not so many people know about it.  That is understandable considering the diversity in the entire world and the different types of agriculture practiced in it.  Given that agriculture or its practice is based on regions means that various types of agriculture apply to various regions. 

What Is Terrace Farming?

This is exactly why there is terrace farming and other types of farming as well.  That said, this discussion looks at ‘what is terrace farming’, how it is practiced and in which regions.  If you wish to practice this kind of agriculture, then you might also find some tips on how to do it.  It is a very good way of farming, by the way, if you ask many experts.  

Terrace farming is mainly practiced in Asia.  There is a reason why this kind of farming is practiced in Asia.  One of the reasons is the fact that the landscape in these areas is mainly hilly and sloppy.  Given that this kind of farming is best suited for regions of this kind means that Asia is one of those places where it can work best. 

Inventor Of The Terrace Farming

Can you guess who invented terrace farming? Yes, terrace farming has a long, rich history. The South American Inca people introduced this technique between the time of 1400-1500 CE. And in the Wari culture, the Andes are first starting the cops culturing through terrace farming.

This is a very outstanding technique for gardening. You do not need a larger space. Only small narrow spaces will go to work. And within very small areas, you can create your farming and cropping.

The Structure Of Terrace Farming 

terrace farming

There are no limitations as to how agriculture can be carried out.  Even in areas that are considered not to be feasible for farming, there are ideas that can make them ideal for this purpose.  In earlier days, hilly and sloppy areas were considered not to be ideal for farming.  

As such, they were never exploited for this purpose.  However, as time went by, ideas came in and changed this narrative completely.  Today, it is easy and possible to carry out farming activities in all areas without any problems. 

  • Terrace farming is one of the best and latest ideas that have come in the field of farming. It is surely one of the best there is.  
  • This kind of farming is ideal for those areas that are sloppy with poor terrain. 
  • To make this farming possible, terraces are made with the use of low walls right on the sides of the hills.  Doing so allows the farmers to make flat surfaces on which they plant their crops.  
  • What the terraces do in all this is to keep the soil all in one place. This makes sure that there is no erosion which might make the area less ideal for farming.  By holding the soil together, it has become much easier to carry out this process.  

This is exactly why it is easy to carry out farming in these areas.  The idea of terrace farming has expanded agriculture to areas that were even considered not viable for agriculture. 

There Is An Increase In The Number Of Terrace Farming Cases 

Agriculture is the way to go in the modern-day world.  Even though industrialization is taking over the world by storm, agriculture is not being left behind.  Food sustainability is essential in the current world owing to the increasing population.  This is exactly why farming has found its place on the negotiating table.  

  • It is not just any type of agriculture that is ideal but the one that yields the most in the current.  As change creeps in, the agriculture needs are also changing. 
  • This is exactly why the ideas of terrace farming have also been on the rise in recent times. 
  • As the need to embrace farming upsurges, many more areas are taking up this idea.  Terrace farming as a farming idea has been taken up by so many countries across the Asian region. 
  • Many of the countries that embrace this idea are those that are faced with poor landscapes ideal for farming.  

Terrace farming is now easier to carry out farming activities in these regions. The utilization of this idea has consequently led to an increase in food production which is a good idea. Owing to this change, it is expected that even more countries will take up this idea in the days to come.

Terrace Farming Is Ideal For Large Scale Farming 

Over recent years, there have been questions about the viability of terrace farming for large-scale farming. Some people do not even think that it is possible to carry out this agriculture on a large scale. 

  • Many of the people who think of this kind of agriculture this way owe their thinking to the least cases of terrace farming in the world.  
  • Well, a while ago, this was the case.  However, so much has changed since then, and now the narrative has changed.  As terrace farming has gone up, it is now possible to think of it as a type of farming that can be practiced on a large scale. 
  • In fact, it can be said that this kind of farming is a savior to the world. It is such a noble idea. As you might know, many areas come with a poor landscape ideal for farming. 
  • This means many of these areas are not ideal for conventional farming.  This is exactly why new ideas have to come in to make these areas productive for farming. Terrace farming is one of the ideas that have made these areas so ideal for farming.  

If you still believe that this idea is not good for large-scale farming, then you are making a big mistake.  It is still very viable for this idea.  It is a type of farming that can be practiced on a large scale.  

Benefits Of Terrace Farming 

Terrace farming is, without any doubt, an idea that comes with so many benefits.  In fact, if you understand these benefits so well, you will be able to understand why this kind of farming needs to be practiced even more.  Terrace farming comes with a number of benefits that you need to go through even as you consider this kind of farming.  

To make it even easier for you, this section of the discussion takes a look at some of the benefits of terrace farming.  There is quite a number that explain exactly why you need to be considering adopting the use of this farming.  

Here are the pros of Terrace farming.

  • This type of farming is increasing the farmability and productivity of the sloped curve.
  • Best solutions for water conservations.
  • Boost up the soil conservations.
  • Reduce the chances of sedimentation and water pollution.
  • Preventions of soil erosion.
  • Increase food production.
  • Adjust the ecosystem diversity.

It Restricts Erosion Of Essential Soil Nutrients 

One of the problems that have been there in the past in the field of agriculture has been erosion.  Continued soil erosion makes any piece of land less fertile. When this goes on for so long then, the land on which the process occurs becomes eroded, leaving it with no nutrients.  

  • In the end, it becomes so hard to practice any form of agriculture in these areas.  To compensate for this, farmers in these areas have to keep using artificial fertilizers. 
  • The use of these fertilizers will not only take up the farming costs but will also make the land even less ideal for farming.  
  • Instead, there has to be a permanent solution being sought for this.  This is exactly why and how terrace farming comes into the equation. 
  • The use of this farming is not just good for the production of food alone. It comes with other benefits as well. For instance, this kind of farming is also so good when it comes to holding the soil nutrients in place.  

The fact that farming holds the soil together means that it prevents the loss of nutrients.  This way, terrace farming helps to keep the soil nutrients in one place.  As a result, the land does not lose its value which is gained alongside the actual benefits of farming.  

Makes It Possible To Do Farming On A Sloppy Area Or On Hills 

This is perhaps the most significant benefit of terrace farming. For many years now, the people on these hills or hilly areas have always found it hard to do agriculture. 

The main reason why this has been the case has been because of the nature of these areas.  

  • Sloppy areas are not easy to do farming on, they are very complicated.  Without a proper plan or strategy, it might not be easy and possible for you to do any agriculture in these areas. 
  • This is exactly why terrace farming has been such a noble idea.  This idea has made it possible for people in sloped areas to do some farming just like their counterparts in plain areas.  
  • Today, it is possible to do farming whether you are on a sloped land or even a hill.  All this is possible thanks to terrace farming.  This is one of the best forms of farming to have been invented in recent days, the best in fact.  

Terrace Farming Is Ideal For All Crops 

The good thing about terrace farming is that you can use it to grow all types of crops.  The fact that you can tailor this type of farming to meet your needs means that it offers you immense abilities.  Depending on what you intend to grow, this kind of farming suits you perfectly.  

In fact, if you need a form of farming that offers you ability in all areas, then this is exactly what you need.  You can use it to grow the crops of your choice right there on top of the hill without any problems. It is such a reliable and also dependable form of farming.  

Allows You To Utilize RainWater For Farming 

One thing you cannot dispute is the fact that farming in hilly areas is by far not an easy process.  The low water levels in these areas make it so hard and difficult to carry out any meaningful farming in these areas.  Also, being so hard to hold and retain water in these areas means that any farming processes around hills have to take into consideration the issue of water.  

It is not easy to do farming without water, or better still, it is right to say that farming without water is very costly.  However, that is not the case as far as terrace farming is concerned, not the case at.  With terrace farming, it is easier and possible to retain the rain waters on sloped areas and later on use them for farming.  

Helps In The Reduction Of Water Loss 

Water loss is very detrimental to farming anywhere in this world.  Hilly and sloppy areas are known not to be able to hold water for long. Being this way means that even doing any farming that is dependent on water in these areas is not very easy, not all.  The loss of water consistently also means that the land around these areas becomes less fertile after a while.  

When you resort to terrace farming, then it means you are able to hold water on sloped areas. The water that goes into wastage can now be made to perform better tasks that involve farming.  By doing so, you will not just be able to do farming alone, but also you will also be able to do so at reduced costs.  

This will, in turn, result in more profits coming from this business in the end.  This is exactly why terrace farming is highly recommended for hilly and sloppy areas.  If you wish to practice it, you can look for the best experts in the business to help you out with this process.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is there Any Other Name For Terrace Farming?

Yes, the other name of Terrace farming is step farming. All over the world, these farming techniques are the most popular type of farming in hilly areas.

Q2: Which Types Of Crops Are Grown In The Terrace Farming?

Here are the few types of crops which are grown in terrace farming.

Q3: What Are The Different Types Of Terrace Farming?

Here are the names of three different types of terrace farming types.
a)Sloping terrace farming
b)Combination-level terrace farming
c)Bench Level Terrace farming


Terrace farming is, without any doubt, the best form of farming in hilly areas.  Coming with so many benefits, terrace farming is and remains the ideal form of framing that can be practiced in hilly areas. But now, these types of farming are pretty common as these types of farming are taking up very limited space. And this is also a water savior option for everyone. So what is your opinion? Do not forget to share your opinion through the comment sections.

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