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Perc Solar Panels – What Are They? Benefits, Types & Costs

perc solar panels

Perc Solar panels are on now in high demand in the market. It can offer you some fundamental advantages over standard silicon solar panels. 

A standard solar panel comprises two types of lawyers of Silicon which are commonly known as n-type and p-type. When sunlight hits the solar cells, solar panels create electricity.    

These two types, like the n-types and p-types, are due to the negative-positive behavior of the solar panels. The solar battery charger can work well for you in this regard. 

What Is A Standard Solar Panel?

What Is A Standard Solar Panel

A standard solar panel comes in two configurations, like 60 cells and 72-cell. An individual solar cell is between 6×6 square. The 60-cell solar panel is laid out in 6×10 grid dimensions. Therefore, it can help you meet your electricity crisis effectively.

What Are PERC Solar Panels?

PERC stands for Passivated Emitter & Rear Contractor or the rear cell. It comprises an additional layer of traditional solar cells present at the backside of its body.

The additional layer present in the solar cells will allow capturing the sunlight for converting it into electricity. In a study, it is found that many PERC cells are better than traditional solar cells.

PERC solar cells will help you mitigate rear combination and prevent the entry of the longer wavelengths to impair the performance of the cells. Among the different types of solar panels, PERC Solar panel is one of the best in the lot.

Benefits Of A PERC Solar Panels

Benefits Of A PERC Solar Panels

There are several benefits of PERC solar panels, which you must know at your end while you want to achieve your objectives effectively. Some of the core benefits of the PERC solar panels are as follows:-

1. Increased Energy Production

On average, it was found that the PERC solar panel is 1% more efficient compared to traditional meetings. Although this gain seems to be very small compared to the conventional solar panel, if you add up the total, you will find a 5% more level of energy production.

2. Enhanced Low Light & High Light Performance 

The enhanced low light and high performance can be experienced with PERC solar panels. It will work well in low light environments and high heat environments. In addition, it will help you to increase the 3% efficiency

3. Having A Smaller Roof Print

Most of the time, the PERC panels are more efficient; installers and solar designers will help you create the power for the traditional panels. It means a solar panel system that can fit on smaller roofs using the PERC panels.

4. Reduced BOS And Soft Costs

An often-overlooked advantage of the PERC solar panel is to reduce the chances of soft costs. Since some of the installers requires fewer panels for producing the same outputs. It can help you Save the entire labor costs and the inverters, other balance of system costs, and disconnect the BOS systems.

5. Same Manufacturing Costs 

One of the fundamental reasons for the growth in the popularity of the PERCS is its costs which are the same as that of the traditional panels. The same material is used to produce the PERC solar panel, which is used in traditional solar panels.

Types Of Perc Solar Panels:

There are different types of PERC solar panels which you can consider as the option to buy the best solar panels for your home.

  • Mono PERC Cells.
  • Poly PERC Cells. 

Reasons For The Increased Sales Of Perc Solar Panels

Reasons For The Increased Sales Of Perc Solar Panels

The demand for PERC solar panels will increase by 168GW By 2022. More countries of the world are now focusing on producing energy-efficient electricity. It can make things work well in your way at the right time. This is one of the prime reasons for the increased use of PERC solar cells.

Which Country Produces Maximum Solar panels?

Which Country Produces Maximum Solar panels

China is the largest producer of solar panels in the world right now. Today they are the largest producer of the PERC solar panels in the country, with 51% of the total output they deliver to the world every year. It is one of the best producers of solar panels in the world right now.

Cost Of PERC Solar Panels

Below the mentioned table, you will get the details of the prices of the solar panels. Some of it is as follows:-   

Solar Panel Model Watt Price Per Watt       Selling Price 
165Watt Mono Parc solar panel $0.39 $63.82 
375 Watt Mono Parc Solar Panel  $0.36   $35.37 
200 Watt Mono Parc Solar Panel $0.39 $77.35
400 Watt Mono Parc Solar Panel $0.36  $144.39 

Perc Solar Panel Factories   

The factories of the PERC Solar panels are located in various countries of the world like China, India, and Germany. These countries produce the largest number of PARC solar panels worldwide. You cannot make any other suitable choice than that. 

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions):-

Q1. Who Makes PERC Solar Sales?

Ans: Oxford PV is one of the largest producers of PERC solar panels. They produce the highest number of solar cells in the country. They recorded 29.52% in December for the production of solar panels in the world. 

Q2. Who Is The Largest Manufacturers Of PERC Solar Cells? 

Ans: JInko Solar Holding Co Is the largest manufacturer of PERC solar cells in the country. They are the largest manufacturers of solar cells in the world.

Q3. Who Manufactures PERC Solar Panels In Australia? 

Ans: Tindo Solar is one of the largest manufacturers of solar panels in Australia. You need to know these facts on your end while dealing with these factors.

Q4. Who Is The Biggest Solar Company In Australia? 

Ans: Andrew Hanna Electrical is one of the biggest solar companies in Australia as well as in Sydney. It can help you to achieve your goals in an effective way within a shorter span of time.

Final Take Away  

Hence, these are some of the core details of the PERC solar panels which you must know at your end. Before using the PERC solar panels, you must know these details on your back.

Feel free to share your views, opinions, and ideas regarding it so that we can deliver more information about it. Proper planning can help you achieve your objectives at the right time.

Proper application of the strategy can help you achieve your goals at the correct point in time. The more you share your views, the better we will understand them.

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