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How Much Does A Solar Panel Cost?

solar panel cost

Are you concerned about the solar panel cost? Yes!! My friend, it sounds expensive to install a solar panel, but it is pretty different from reality.

Before you want to know about the cost of the solar panel, you must know its type and its capacity. Then, it will provide you with a clear idea of how much it will cost you.

The installation process of the solar panel is expensive compared to its original price. In addition, the solar panel cost depends on the type of solar panel you select.

What Is A Solar Panel?

What Is A Solar Panel?

Solar panels collect the Sun’s energy and convert them into electricity. In most cases, the typical solar panel comprises individual solar cells. These solar cells are made from each layer of silicon, boron, and Phosphorous. In addition, silicon water acts as a semiconductor. The phosphorus layer provides the negative charge, and the boron layer provides the positive charge.

Types Of Solar Panel & Their Cost

Types Of Solar Panel Cost Of Solar Panels 
1. Monocrystalline Solar Panel $6000-$9000 6KW System 
2. Polycrystalline Solar Panel $5400-$6000 6Kw System 
3. Passivated Emitter & Real Cells Panels $0.65 -$1.15 per watt   
4. Thin Flim Solar Panels $6000 -$9000 6kw system 
5. Cadmium Telluride  $22-$2556.15 Kw System
6. Amorphous Silicon  $1.17-$1.45 per KW system 
7. Copper Indium Gallium Selenide  $ 110-$896.5 per kW system 

Different Types Of Solar Panels

Different Types Of Solar Panels

There are different types of solar panels available. Along with the types of solar panel, you will get information on the cost of the solar panel that is available in the market.

Avoid making the selection of the best solar panel in the dark. Instead, gather all the required information, making your buying decision easier. 

There are several pros and cons of solar panels which you must know at your end while developing your business in the correct way.

1. Monocrystalline Solar Panel

The single-crystal panels are made of single-crystal silicon, cut to several wafers. These are made up of pure silicons as the dark black color readily identifies them.

The pure silicon makes the monocrystalline silicon panels more similar and ensures long-lasting solar types. A lot of Silicon is wasted for producing the monocrystalline panels. It sometimes reaches over 50%. 

It is one of the best types of solar panels which can make things work in the right direction. Develop the perfect strategy that can help you achieve your goals in the correct direction. Are solar panels expensive? Its cost depends on its types and requirements.

2. PolyCrystalline Solar Panel

These types of solar panels originate from the different crystals of silicon instead of a single one. All fragments of silicon are poured and molded into a square mold.

It makes the polycrystalline cells more affordable with no wastage and will provide you with a characteristic square shape.

It also makes the timeless efficient in terms of energy conversion and space. Its purity and construction are lower than the monocrystalline panels. It comprises lower heat tolerance, and it has less efficient high-temperature environments.

3. Passivated Emitter And Rear Cells Panel

The PERC Solar panels improve traditional monocrystalline cells. It is comparatively a new technology that adds the passivation of layers on the rear surface of the cell.

The best part about it is that it reflects the light back into the cell. Thus it increases the solar radiation absorption. It also reduces the natural tendency of the electrons for recombining into the cells.

It allows the greater wavelength of the lights to get reflected. Silicon wafers cannot absorb it. The passivation of the layer reflects a higher level of wavelengths. It stops them from heating back to the sheets.

4. Thin Film Solar Panels

The thin-film panel’s composed of a thin layer thin enough to become flexible. One of each panel does not require frame backing, making them lighter and easier to install.

The crystalline silicon panels come under the standardized sizes 60, 72, and 96 cell counts. It comprises different sizes that suit specific needs. You need to select the sizes of the panel wisely to make things work in the right direction.

They are less efficient compared to typical silicon solar panels. The solar panel maintenance costs can be expensive at times.

5. Cadmium Telluride

The CDTE is the low-cost solar panel that comprises the low-cost advantage of polycrystalline cells. It comprises energy payback time and the lowest footprints of carbon.

The highly toxic nature of Cadmium increases the expense of the recycling process compared to other forms of material. The solar panel cost of this material entirely depends on solar panel maintenance.

It can make things work for your favor within a stipulated period. You can afford this solar panel to achieve your objectives in the right direction.

6. Amorphous Silicon

From its shapeless nature, the Amorphous silicon panel has derived its name. The silicon is not structured at the molecular level. The fraction of silicon is required to perform the typical silicon cells.

It allows them to make the lowest cost of production. It can make things easier and more effective for your business. Develop the perfect strategy that can make things work correctly for you.

7. Copper Idium Gallium Selenide

The CIGS panel uses a thin layer of indium, copper, selenium, and gallium. It comprises glass and plastic backing. Combining these elements comprises the highest efficiency among the thin panel types.

However, it is still not an efficient crystalline panel. Work out the perfect strategy which can make things work in the right way within a stipulated period.

There are different types of solar panels that can make things work in your way within a perfect point in time.

Solar Panel Types By Efficiency

There are various solar panels whose efficiency you need to match up to radiate energy among the solar panels. Work out the best strategy that can work well in your favor. Some of its core factors based on efficiency are as follows:- 

Panel Type Efficiency 
Monocrystalline 20% and Up 
PERC Highest 5% More Than Crystalline 
CIGS 13-15% 
Polycrystalline 15-17% 
Amorphous Silicon 6-8% 
Cadmium Telluride 9-11% 

Final Take Away

Hence, these are some of the core factors which are essential for your business to grow in the right direction. Work out the perfect strategy to make things work properly. You can also share your views and opinion about this article to make us understand your core pain points.

Feel free to share your thoughts, beliefs, and views in the comment section of our blog. It will help you to make things work well in your favor. Develop the perfect strategy that can help you make things work in your way.

FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How much does a solar panel cost?    

Ans: A single solar panel costs around $200 to $250. It can increase or decrease the price range within a stipulated period.

Q2. Is Buying Solar Panels Worth It?     

Ans: Yes!! Buying a solar panel can reduce your electricity bill to a great extent. It can make things work well in your favor. Develop the perfect strategy which can make things work in your way.

Q3. How Many solar panels are needed to power a house? 

Ans: You will require a solar panel between 20-24 for powering a house. It can make things work well in your way.

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