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How To Clean Solar Panels (Easy Cleaning Guide In 2022)

how to clean solar panels

Usually, the solar panels are set to clear and angled on your rooftop when the solar system is being installed. Most people usually ask how to clean solar panels. In most situations, the particular solar panels might not require to be washed regularly when at all. After all, something that collects soil, for instance, pollen dust, might be cleaned when it is immensely raining.

Even cleaning the solar panels might be imperative. It is always a perfect idea to wash them up since the rain does not swiftly wash them inedible. Wondering how to clean solar panels and stay in an area that experiences droughts, you can rely on rain. You will undoubtedly receive only light misty rain. You might need to clean it up frequently.

Why Cleaning Is Necessary For The Solar Panels? 

It is your biggest concern on how to clean solar panels. For Sure, debris and dirt might impact how much sunshine is trapped and transformed into electricity. However, the performance might be more minor, maybe less than 10% or less. This may equate to a $30 decrease in your energy bill with a conservative 5kW solar panel system.  

  • When you particularly want to clean your solar panels, there are usually two main methods of practicing them. Using a specialist or cleaning it yourself. Of course, this type of operation might be offered by numerous solar panel companies at a considerable cost.
  • Solar panel cleaning companies can provide it as an element of an annual warranty program. Or be recommended that you obtain the appliance updated from time to time. Solar companies occasionally charge a hefty price to clear up the tab for a bit of the sum of profit.

What Do You Use When Cleaning The Solar Panels?

When wondering how to clean solar panels, you should also consider the applications you use when carrying out the practice. Perhaps if you want to clean your solar panels on your own, a variety of equipment can be used to clean the panels. Establish if there are any details or recommendations on solar cleaning panels’ guidance or suggestions. Or when there is any information on washing the device with your solar manufacturer.

1. Hosepipe And Mild Detergent

A hosepipe and washing detergents are the most efficient means to wash solar panels. So how cleaning the solar panels should not be a problem for you. You would clean your car at home in the same way.

Due to the lack of scratch on the solar panels, only clean water and a non-abrasive mop are suitable for applying clean water and soap. You should note that you should mainly not use any pressured water sprayer when washing your solar panels. Specific solar panels will be subject to a persistent connection.

2. Use The Soft Sponges

When considering how to clean solar panels on the roof to get clear of superfluous bird drops, use a smoother. This is especially when you are using something other than water.

Sponges are enormous products that are not going to brawl for smoothing particular solar panels. Select something which can disinfect your meals if you have to obtain a little soap on your wipe.

 Cleaning using other, more potent chemicals might negatively hinder your solar panels. When you want to practice how to clean solar panels on garden lights, remember that plain water washes best in about 99% of cases.

3. Rainy Day Is The Right Day For Cleaning

Bear in mind that as the sun strikes on the solar panels, its temperature rises. The suitable way to wash the panels is to consider a calm and rainy day.

The soapy detergent you apply to the solar panels might dry off quickly when you wash the solar panels when heating. This may end up leaving more stains on the solar panels that could spoil their performance.

Is Cleaning The Solar Panels Sensible?

When establishing how to clean solar panels on the roof, specialists lean on it based on their research. This is especially when you might consider employing the installers to wash them up via the DIY practice. There is a clear indication of no return in investment to enlighten the on how to clean solar panels issue.

Let us take a look at a few facts. When your solar panels are dirty, on standard, expect to alter their production rate by 5% or less. This is mainly when they are only dirty.

Increase The Life Of Solar Panels

In nearly all situations, the subsequent washing will clean away the residue. The specific solar panels could relapse to their best effect when the dust is on the surface of the panels. Therefore its energy productivity is obtained 5% less than other moments.  

When wondering how to clean solar panels on garden lights, understand that numerous solar panels need to be rotated. This exposes it to a suitably high degree that numerous of the panels are dragged straight away.

This is possible rather than fixing it to the rim. However, you may have minimized accumulation on the lower section of the solar panel by the practice.

Even with slanted solar panels, it is not significant to worry about the lowered production on the source that only is so tiny.

You Can Check The Solar Panel’s Current Situations

On how to clean solar panels, It is a moderately small issue to ascend using a chair and get on the particular roof. You then easily wash up the panels.

By doing so, you will be able to save on both time and cost. Also, you need to maintain and repair the competence of your solar panels by giving absolute attention each and every month.

Maybe it is a moment to consider another form of upkeep. This is especially when you start to notice perfections to your electric bill. Assess if the performance will regularly return as needed when the weather is good.

How Often A Solar Panel Should Be Cleaned?

Most people are asking how to clean solar panels. They certainly should also know that there is much waste in winter in various places. So therefore, spring is a suitable period to clean your solar panels every year. Solar panels that are cleaned once or twice a year produce 3.5 % to 5.1% extra energy than those not cleaned.

Always Schedule The cleaning On Particular Time Of Month

In the Southwest part of the U.S, the accumulation of soil is significantly greater. This is due to the rainforest conditions, which are confined for some months at a particular time.

Solar panels situated near discharge sources, such as airports, plantations, and roads, should be washed regularly. Other exceptional cases are during the winter and the autumn, where maximum performance requires snow and leaves to be taken away.

Track Energy Supply Of Panels, And Know The Right Time

Another factor to consider when figuring out how to clean the solar panels is the rainwater. Rainwater has a simple and easier time purifying slanted solar panels. In conditions of frequency, here is the ideal piece of recommendation on how to clean solar panels.

Track changes in solar panels’ energy production before and after cleaning. Consider unreliable periods, ensure to take note of what is effective, and assess it.

 Solar Panels that aren’t that quite different from normal cleaning an ordinary window are actually easily cleaned. It does not take much of your time. The reluctance to wash the solar panels is not a reasonable practice.

Also another tip on how to clean solar panels that you should know is that the dustier the solar panel, the cooler it becomes. Also, know that you should never clean your panels based on factors like solar design, local weather, and climate.

Clean The Dust Particles And Debris– Solar Panel Blockers 

Dust results in usual problems further than the accumulation of grime over time. However, your precise location also plays an immense role in how much it can affect your production and what causes it.

How Are The Dust Particles Harming The Panels?

A fragment of dust could not have a cause, according to the analysis done by Solar Installers. This is undoubted that light can still penetrate through.

They suggest that you allow nature to take its course since rain will achieve some of the jobs of washing solar panels. So how cleaning solar panels becomes an easy activity.

Clean The Debris And Other Particles

Beyond these factors on how to clean solar panels, it is significant to understand that leaves debris also obstruct light. In research carried out by solar panel installers, washing flat leveled consumed much of their energy per night during the fifteen months of practice. Conversely, the research assured that rain on roof panels also tends to clean them up.

Exceptional attention needs to be given to PV collections situated in dusty areas. So as not to encounter many challenges when I want to practice how to clean solar panels.

What Is The Best Way On How To Clean Solar Panels Expert Help?

When wondering how to clean solar panels on a roof, you can consider the help of an expert or professional. Numerous homeowners tend to wash their solar panels on their own.

If you also consider taking this approach, know that it is easier to practice it on the ground. If possible, it is recommended that you read your user manual guide on how to clean solar panels.

However, cleaning up these solar panels is not always as simple as it appears. Therefore, when it is appealing to have expert help, you clean your solar panels. Also, when the practice seems to become too risky for you to encounter, consider the help of a professional.

How To Clean Solar Panels On Roof

You need to be considerate on how to clean solar panels as you should be able to find the equipment at home. Since you do not want to spoil or scratch your solar panel, use clean water and a non-abrasive mop to apply detergent. Consider a mild detergent when you feel that you require a little extra help.

And when you are assessing how to clean solar panels, consider using a normal hosepipe. This is because high pressure might damage the surface of your solar panel, as we have seen earlier.  

How To Clean Solar Panels?

So how to clean solar panels does not become an issue for you. Considering a spongy brush with pure, clean water and detergent soap is adequate to wash your solar panels. Conversely, there are diverse ways to wash the panels and different tips that might be used throughout the process.

The initial step that you require to consider before washing your solar panels is to switch them off. This is necessary to assure your safety and ensure that the solar panels cannot be damaged by water.  

Always Use The Soft Brush

Use a Soft Brush When asking yourself how to clean solar panels, consider using a soft brush.

When washing solar panels, it is necessary to use the exact cleaning tools. The panel is vital; however, using rough materials can scrape the surface of the panel. This will significantly reduce its performance, even spoiling the module. 

When your particular solar panels are fixed on the ground surface, they can tend to have a simple wipe to clean them up or a squashy sweep as well.

Conversely, when they are placed on the rooftop, you have to use a squashy brush joined with a long wing to craft the work safer and easier from the ground’s surface.

Do Not Use Water With A Lot Of Mineral Content

When you want to know how to clean solar panels on garden lights, you are recommended to use distilled water. Water-rich minerals might deposit dust particles over a certain time.

If you cannot obtain distilled water, you can use a water softening pipe attached to filter the minerals.

The Simple Cleaning Process Without Scrubbing

Ensure to start early enough in the morning. Separate your PV display from the inverter by pressing the shutdown button. Assemble distilled water and combine it with a detergent. Then search for a soft brush and initiate cleaning your solar panels with a mixture of water.

Rinse the soap using a low-pressure hosepipe, leave the panels to dry at about 45 minutes, and switch on the DC. It isn’t that easy. Now how to clean solar panels needs maximum attention and requires only a few steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Do You Have To Turn Off The Solar Panels For Cleaning?

Yes, your system needs to be completely shut down before cleaning the solar panels. The inverter manufacturers have operating manuals. You can read through the manual to know what will be the cleansing procedures for your solar panels.

Q2: Can You Clean The Solar Panels?

Yes, you can clean your solar panels if you do not require any chair to reach out the distance. Take a little warm water and add some mild soap to it. Then, rinse the solar panels with a hose or any low-pressure spray. Or, for cleaning the debris, you can use a small sponge or a soft cloth.

Q3: How To Maintain Clean Solar Panels?

You can maintain the cleanliness with regular cleaning. For example, use a small soft rug or biodegradable soaps to clean the panels. If you clean the panels often, you can easily maintain the solar panels’ health.


When seeking advice on how to clean solar panels, remember, No one offers advice on how to appropriately than your manufacturer. Installation manuals of solar panels are usually available on the website, and numerous come included in your panels. Solar panel installers never advise you to go to the rooftop to clean your panels without extraordinary protection. However, you can clean it on yourself with these guidelines while being on the surface or using stairs and ladders.

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