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Zenernet Solar : User Reviews, Rating, And Price

Zenernet Solar User Reviews, Rating, And Price

One of the latest entries on the list of Inc.’s 5000 Fastest Growing companies, Zenernet is a new name of the block. Founded in 2017, it has gained quite a reputation for itself for providing great services and consultations to customers. 

Let’s have a better look at their installation services, payment plans, and availability, along with learning what customers have said. 

Zenernet Solar Availability By State

Zenernet Solar Availability By State
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Zenernet solar services are available in 16 states in the USA. They are:

  1. Arkansas
  2. Arizona
  3. Colorado
  4. California
  5. Connecticut
  6. Chicago
  7. Florida
  8. Iowa
  9. Illinois
  10. Kansas
  11. Missouri
  12. Massachusetts
  13. New Jersey
  14. Nebraska
  15. Oklahoma
  16. Rhode Island

Zenernet Solar Panel Installation

Zenernet Solar Panel Installation
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If you decide to get a solar panel installed by Zenernet, then you will have to go through three steps.

1. Consultation

When you first contact the company, they will get you connected with their energy consultants. Their job is to persuade you of the benefits of getting solar panels installed and how much money you will be saving over the years. 

2. Evaluation

After you have shown your interest in their solar panels, they will send their representatives over to your house. They will measure your total energy requirements and suggest the best places for panel installation. 

3. Installation

Finally, after the initial payments have been made, the installers will come to your house and install the solar panels. No need to learn how to create a DIY solar generator for this!

Zenernet Solar Costs And Payment Plans

Zenernet Solar Costs And Payment Plans
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Like the best solar companies in the USA. Zenernet doesn’t have fixed prices for its products and services. The pricing depends on the solar and power requirements of all the electrical appliances you will run. You have to contact them to get a consultation, which will help them quote the prices of installation.

On average, a solar panel setup, in general, will cost around $16,000. Here, the installation of small solar panels will cost around $4,000. On the other hand, the bigger and better panels can cost around  $25,000. In addition, these prices vary depending on the state you are in too. For example, the charges for installing solar panels are lower in Tennessee compared to Wisconsin.

There are two different Zenernet payment and financing options that you can avail of.

1. Cash Purchases

If you want a better Return on Investment (ROI), then partying the entire amount in one go will be the best for you. Paying the entire amount might be difficult for many, but you will not be burdened with interest rates and still get federal tax solar incentives.

2. Solar Loans

Most people choose to go the route of applying for a solar loan. Here, you have to pay 6% monthly interest and a premium. Moreover, you will not be exempt from the Federal Solar Tax Credit, which is a bonus.

Why Choose Zenernet Solar?

Why Choose Zenernet Solar

Choosing Zenernet over other brands like Palmetto Solar or Blue Raven Solar provides various benefits. They are:

1. Net Metering

If your state allows net metering, you are eligible for receiving energy credit. Here, if you generate any extra electricity from your solar panel, it will be added to the state power grid. This company installs solar panels with connections to state power lines to make this possible.

2. Battery Storage

Unlike some of the other solar companies like Vision Solar, this company provides various power backup options. This includes the installation of solar batteries and generators to store backup power. Therefore, you can power your house tension free on cloudy days with lesser sunlight.

3. Referral Programs For Customers

The Zenernet Referral Program provides customers with a way to earn money by referring the brand to other customers. If the referred customer agrees to get a solar panel installed, then you will get a referral bonus of $500.

4. Extended Warranties

Similar to other solar companies, Zenernet provides two different warranties – a workmanship warranty and a manufacturer warranty. Both are given for 25 years, which is great since companies like Tesla energy don’t.

5. Sense Smart Home App

If you want to monitor your energy usage by yourself, you can simply install the Zenernet Sense Smart Home app. This app allows you to set alerts and make adjustments as required. 

Zenernet Solar Reviews: What Customers Have To Say

To get a clear picture of how good their services are, I looked at some Zenernet reviews by customers at TrustPilot

Here’s a 5-star positive review :

“My consultation with Emily was super informative, very interactive, and useful. Every question I had was answered. We made adjustments to the layout in real time, and I could see the impact of such decisions on my system. Once we settled on a system, we reviewed pricing and financing options to find the one that fit my budget. Great experience.”
by - Ray Suarez

However, not all reviews were positive. Some reviews were bad and highly critical of the company’s services provided. 

Here’s a 1-star negative review :

“Signed the contract with Zenernet for solar PV only on 6/7/22. Despite two scheduling mishaps on their part, where they didn't notify me at all until a full day after they missed their appointment, they finally installed the system on 8/18/22. The final inspection occurred on 10/14/22. So far, things have been rocky, but they got the job done.

Everything went downhill after the final inspection occurred. They said that the system was up and running, connected to the electrical grid, but my electric bill doesn't reflect that. They promised someone would follow up with me to wrap up the entire project and help me access their homeowner portal to see my solar production. After no contact from them, I began contacting them on 10/26/22. Every few days, I would escalate and include more people from their company who had worked on my project--sales, project managers, and installers. Eventually, I forwarded my email to 8 staff members who had all previously contacted me and worked with me. No one has responded, even to this day.

On 11/7/22, the CEO sent a customer-wide email saying that they're having trouble keeping up with the volume and we should email a generic customer service email, which they promise is being monitored. Of course, after I emailed that address, no one has responded to this day. No one has any courtesy or respect even to tell me that they're backlogged and when I can expect a response. They've simply ignored all my contact attempts.

Even worse is my neighbor, to whom I referred to Zenernet. They stopped contacting him after their house visit, and now they're approaching the promised 60 days of installation. Similar to me, my neighbors have received no word from Zenernet. Zenernet took their payment and is now failing even to contact the customer to plan the next step.”
by - Christopher Chois

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):-

People have several queries regarding Zenernet stocks and services.

Q1. How Long Has Zenernet Been Around?

Ans: This company was established in the year 2017. Therefore, it has been around 5 years so far in 2022. 2023 will be its 6th year.

Q2. Is Zenernet Going Out Of Business?

Ans: No, this company is not going out of business. It’s making great sales and earning a good reputation in the market for its services.

Q3. Who Is The CEO Of Zenernet?

Ans: JP Gerken is the CEO of Zenernet. He is also the founder of this company. You can learn more about him from his LinkedIn profile.

Final Verdict: Are Zenernet Solar Panels Worth It?

Zenernet provides great solar services, even though it’s a relatively new company. It has great payment schemes for customers, along with excellent customer service as well. Their consultations have been praised to be their best aspect.

However, this company only provides its services in 1+6 states so far. You are out of luck if you do not belong in these 16 states.

➼ High-quality and certified installers.
➼ Free consultations before installation.
➼ Customer referral program ($500 for each referral).
➼ Services are available only in 16 states.
➼ There are no options for lease Payments.

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