Negotiations On Water Was The Key Topic Of United National Climate Change Conference  


On 6th November, the Dutch envoy mentioned Water being the key issue of discussion at COP28.  This means in the upcoming United Nations climate summit all threats relating to the water due to climate change like floods, droughts, rising sea levels will be key topics of discussion.

The discussion in COP28 will also be focused on finding solutions to deal with rising sea levels. The summit will take place in Dubai on 30th November acknowledging the consequences of climate change that the world is dealing with at the present, said Meike van Ginneken, the special envoy from Netherlands after the Technology conference in Amsterdam.

The Netherlands and Tajikistan are two countries that lie a quarter below sea level and were appointed to lead the negotiations about water at the upcoming United Nations climate summit. The negotiations will be focused on “water risks and opportunities… from agriculture to disaster prevention”, says the organizers of the summit.

In the past 300 years the world lost around 85% of wetland according to the data of UN figures. Again four billion people across the world face water scarcity for at least a month every year according to the World Resources Institute based in the US.

Van Ginneken said that humanity can’t adapt to the heating climate in the globe without changing the ways of managing water resources. She added, “(This) is an explicit acknowledgement that we are already dealing with the consequences of climate change.”

In previous years, The UN climate summit negotiations were focused on Earth’s heating levels that were beyond dangerous and at unstoppable levels and its prevention. These negotiations led to the Paris climate agreement where world leaders pledged to restrict the increase in the planet’s temperature by 1.5 degrees Celsius.As for the present upcoming summit Van Ginneken said, “We now need to move to ‘climate adaptation’,because we know the temperature is rising and we know that climate change manifests itself through water.”

Three topics will be at the center of discussion. First the conservation and restoration of freshwater ecosystems, secondly access to good quality water for the people in the cities that are protected by water hazards and lastly to recover quickly in food production that gets disrupted due to floods, droughts and rising sea levels.

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