SunPower Review: Is This The Best Solar Company In 2023?

SunPower Review

Installing a solar panel in 2023 can be a great option. With the rising costs of electricity and fuel, solar energy should be adopted more by residential areas now. This is why you should read this review of SunPower.

Founded in 1985, it’s one of the best solar companies in the USA. If you want to install solar panels from the best, then read this post till the end.

SunPower Solar Availability

SunPower are available

The services and solar panels of SunPower are available in 50 states of the USA. Some of the states where the demand for their services is the most are:

  • California
  • Florida
  • New York
  • Massachusetts
  • Texas
  • Arizona

SunPower Solar Panel Installation Process

1. Preview Of Online Designs

The first step in installing your solar panel lights is to contact this solar company by going to their website. Here, you will see a page called SunPower Design Studio. Even though this is an optional step, I believe you should not skip it.

This design studio lets you see how the solar panels will work in your house. This presentation is done to help you understand the various ways it can benefit you.

2. Online Cost Estimation For Free

Cost Estimation

Now, after you have been initiated in the first step, it’s time to fill out the installation form. After you fill in your details, you will get a price quotation from the company within a few minutes.

In this form here, you provide details about your house and how much electricity you need to power all appliances. Along with an estimated quote, they will also provide details about how much money you can save by going solar.

3. Virtual Consultation

After agreeing with the quote provided by SunPower, one of their expert consultants will join you in a  virtual meeting. Here, the consultants will help you understand how solar panels will be installed in your house. In addition, you can also design parts of small solar panels yourself.

4. Documentation


After the consultation is over, it;’s now time for the documentation to begin. Here, you need to choose the payment schemes for installing your solar panels. After you have done so, the company officials will then start charting all your paperwork. Finally, they will give you the date of installation.

5. Solar Panel Installation

The day has finally arrived! SunPower technicians will now come to your house to carry out the solar panel setup. The entire process will take around a day to complete.

6. Final Check Up

Check Up

Once the solar panel installation has finished, the company representatives will now visit your house one last time. This visitation is sort of a final inspection to see that your solar panels are working smoothly. Once your solar panel system passes all the tests, congratulations! You have successfully installed a solar panel at your house!

SunPower Solar App

Sunpower Solar App

To monitor the solar energy requirements and usage in your house, then you can install the SunPower Solar app. Available for both Android and iOS devices, this app is linked to your solar panel. It tracks and stores all data regarding how much energy is generated, how much is used, and the current state of the solar battery. In addition, this app also provides current weather reports to tell you whether today will be sunny or not.

SunPower Payment Plans

Since the price of solar pencils is typically pretty high, SunPower has decided on various payment options for customers. No matter which payment plan you choose, you will always receive a 25-year warranty with it.

The three ways customers can pay for the installation of solar panels are:

Sunpower Payment Policy

1. Full Payment

The simplest method to pay for the solar panel and its installation process is by making full payment upfront. If you can arrange the money required, then you can pay directly in full now. This is the best method to do so since you don’t need to pay any additional interest costs.

2. Solar Loan

You can approach SunPower for a solar loan to help you in installing your solar panels. Harem, the company provides an option where you can make zero down payments. Therefore, you pay the entire cost (plus tax and interest) over a period of 12 or 24 months.

3. Solar Lease

If you don’t want to opt for a solar loan, you can request a solar lease as well. This option allows you to chart up a lease agreement and make fixed monthly payments. The benefit here is that if you decide to sell your house, you can transfer that lease to the new homeowner. Doing so will rid you of payments and make the new homeowners continue paying the remaining money.

SunPower Reviews: What Customers Have To Say

SunPower has a trust rating of A+ from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Here’s what some customers have said about SunPower, one of the best solar companies in the USA:

Here’s what Ashley has to say:

“I’ve owned my SunPower Equinox PV system for > 3 yrs now. It looks great on my roof, and I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about my electricity bill in the summer. Last year there was an issue with the microinverters, but SunPower has addressed it. I’ve recommended SunPower to my friends and family members.”

Here’s what Ed has to say:

“Professional group – from my initial contact with sales, through installation, everyone was knowledgeable and responsive. One-day installation on my 2-story house was well coordinated, clean, and safely done. Considering their highly-rated technology, the quality of the team members I engaged with, and their project execution, I’m happy to have selected SunPower.”

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

People ask many questions about SunPower. Their answers are:

Q1. Where Are SunPower Solar Panels Made?

Ans: This company has four different manufacturing plants all over the world. They are in the following countries:
• Mexico
• Philippines
• Malaysia

Q2. Did SunPower Split?

Ans: Yes, the company recently split into two – SunPower and Maxeon. Maxeon is its manufacturing division. On the other hand, SunPower will remain to be the company that sells and installs Maxeon solar panels.

Q3. How Efficient Are SunPower Maxeon Solar Panels?

Ans: SunPower Maxeon is one of the most efficient solar panels ever made. Compared to other conventional solar panels, this solar panel generates 60% more energy.

Q4. Are SunPower Stocks A Good Investment?

Ans: Yes, the stocks of this company are a good investment. It has recently doubled its efforts on producing and installing more residential solar panels. In addition, it has an A+ trust certification from Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Final Verdict: Are SunPower Solar Panels Worth It In 2023?

SunPower is up there as one of the best solar companies in the USA/ With 35+ years of expertise in the field, they now create some of the best solar panels. However, many users have noted how high their prices are compared to other solar companies.

Self-manufactures all solar panels. Their solar panels are some of the best performance-wise. Services are available in 50 states.You can only buy their solar panels, limiting access to other great brands. More expensive than most competitors.

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