What Exactly Is A Solar Storm? As New Geomagnetic Disturbance To Strike Earth

According to NASA’s forecast models, “the anticipated impact of this CME on Earth is expected today. However, the reliability of this prediction remains uncertain, with highlighting the possibility of only minor G1-class geomagnetic storms on December 27. The uncertainty lies in the fact that these storms might either lightly touch or bypass Earth’s magnetic field.”

“The Northern part Earth might experience a sight impact, offering a gentle encounter rather than a significant geomagnetic storm. A G1- class storm, the mildest on the scale (with G5 bring the strongest), occurs approximately every 900 days over an 11 year cycle,” as suggested by the Weather Channel.

“In the event of an interaction with Earth, a G1-class geomagnetic storm amy unfold on December 27. This could bring forth dancing auroras in high-latutide regions, minor disruptions to power grids and satellites, and an increase in radiation exposure for astronauts and airline crews. Furthermore, communication interruptions are likely for sailors, pilots, drone operators, and radio enthusiasts.”

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Solar Storm Set To Strike Earth Today On 27th December; Here’s What To Expect

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