Best Solar Security Light To Light Up Your Doorway In 2023

Solar Security Light

Having a solar security light in your doorway turn automatically on when enters or exits your house looks cool. Just imagine light tuerning on in your doorway when someone comes close to it! Even robbers will get spotted by the light!

Therefore, get yourself one by checking this list of ten of the best lights available on the market right now!

Best Solar Security Lights You Can Buy In 2023

Best Solar Security Lights

The best solar security lights that you can install in 2023 are as follows.

1. Tuffenough Solar Security Light

Price: $39.99

The Tuffenough 3000LM LED Solar Security Light are one of the best solar security lights when it comes to brightness. It has motion sensors that allow it to light up when someone is around. Plus, you can use the remote controller to control its sensitivity to movement and customize other settings as well!

It has 3 lighting modes.
Pretty affordable.
The emitted light covers a pretty wide angle.
The angle of the panels can be adjusted.
Can be controlled with a remote controller.
Very bright light (3,000 lumens).
There’s no adjustable timer.
The overall coverage of light is pretty less.

2. Everbrite Solar Powered Floodlight

Price: $30 (set of two)

The Everbrite Outdoor Solar Lights come in packs of two, each of which cost $15. These lights are pretty bright, emitting 1,000 lumens of light. The side panels on the solar light are adjustable and can be rotated 360 degrees. In addition, it has IP65 waterproof coating, along with providing light for 30 seconds after the motion sensor activates.

Pretty cheap compared to other options.
Has a power of 1,000 lumens.
Dusk to Dawn activation mode.
Motion sensor for detecting movement.
IP65 waterproofing.
Its motion sensors detect movement in a very narrow area.
No remote controller available.

3. LazyPro Solar Powered Floodlight

Price: $50

With a price tag of $50, you wll be getting what you have paid for. This LazyPro solar security light is best for larger homes because of its size, with a range of 40 feet. This unit is oprettyy compactm, including 300 LED lights inside. In addition, it will stay on for 12 hours from 6pm to 7am on its brightest setting.

It has 3 different lighting modes.
Has a powerful battery (4,000 mAh).
Dusk to Dawn activation mode.
The light covers 40 feet and 280 degrees.
2,500 lumens of light.
The solar panels cannot be adjusted.
This light lacks a remote control feature.

4. Vensstnor Solar Powered Floodlight

Price: $49

This solar security light by Vensstor is the brightest on this list, with an intensity of 4,000 lumens. It coversa large area, covering an angle of 180 degrees and distance of 72 feet. Inside this device, there are 190 Samsung LED lights. In addition, this has a 3,000 mAh battery that gives it a lifetime of 50,000+ hours.

It has 4 lighting modes.
This light will staty on from dusk till dawn.
You can adjust the solar panels and the lighting.
You can control all its functions remotely.
You cannot set a timer because of its automatic dusk to dawn functionality.

5. OTDLight Solar Powered Floodlight

Price: $40 (set of two)

This solar security light by OTDLight provides all round illumination spanning 360 degrees. When it comes to its light, it radiates an intense light of 2,700 lumens. In addition, you get two of them, covering an angle of 120 degrees and a distance of 19 feet each.

It has 3 lighting modes.
The light panels can be adjusted in 5 different angles.
It radiates light all around it (360 degrees).
You can control it using a remote controller.
You cannot fix its on and off timer.
The angle of the solar panel is unchangeable.
Its motion detection range is pretty narrow.

6. Ring Solar Powered Floodlight

Price: $90

If you want a smart solar security light for your IoT based smart home, this is your best choice. You can pair this light with other smart devices created by its manufacturer – Ring, for its Smart Ring ecosystem.

This device consists of two lights that radiates 1,200 lumens, covering an area of 180 degrees and 45 feet. Plus, this light has a 1-year warranty with ann IP66 rating.

This light can be controlled using the intuitive Ring Light app.
Both the solar and light panels are adjustable.
It comes with warranty for a year.
You need to separately purchase the Ring Bridge to enable its smart features.

7. Sunbonar Solar Street Light

Price: $65

If you want a pretty sturdy solar street light that can withstand an atomic bombging, get this light by Sunbonar. If you prefer sturdiness over looks, this solar security lamp has got your covered. 

It has a battery that stays on fir maximum 10 hours when fully charged, emitting light that has an intensity of 1,300 lumens. In addition, it has two lightibng modes – warm and cool. However, comopared to others on this light, it olacks a lot of features.

Emits light with an intensity of 1,300 lumens.
Stays active for 10 hours when set at 100% brightness.
It has 2 lighting modes (warm and cool).
Pretty hardy and compact design.
Very limited coverage angle and range.
Looks pretty bland.
No remote control feature.
Light and solar panels cannot be adjusted.

8. InnoGear Solar Gutter Lights

Price: $35.99 (set of two)

If you need light to light up whenever someone approaches your door, InnoGear has a great solution for you. Each of these lights has 36 LED lights inside them, whose distance can be extended with its aluminum poles. However toggling between the lighting modes is very tricky, taking time to getting used to it. 

Can be installed pretty easily.
Has an unique overhead design.
The mounting poles are made of aluminium.
It has different lighting modes.
Very limited coverage angle and range.
Configuring the light can be confusing.

9. Maxsa Innovations Solar Light

Price: $49.99

If you wish to cover only a smaller area with a solar security light, you can buy these from Maxsa. It has two spotlights (one vertical and one horizontal) that unfortuntely radiate only 220 lumens each. However, its sensor range of 40 feet is good enough, considering its heads can be adjusted easily.

Has a strong motion sensor with a range of 40 feet.
The heads of the light can be easily adjusted.
The lights are pretty dim compared to others on this list (220 lumens).

10. Westinghouse Security Solar Light

Price: $36.99

If you want a solar security light that radiates 1,000 lumens at an 120 degree angle, then buy this one from Westinghouse. It has s sensor that detects movement in a 20 feet range, staying on fior 30 seconds. When it comes to its charge, it stiores it all in its 2,000 mAh battery. In addition, it has a IPX4 waterproof rating.

Radiates clear white light of 1,000 lumens.
Has a 20 feet motion detector.
The lights can be placed away from the solar panel with its 10 feet chord.
The total area of illumination is not more thann 30 feet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Homemakers have various queries regarding solar security lights. Here are my answers to their questions.

Q1. So Solar Security Lights Work In Winter?

Ans: Yes, your solar lights for security will work in winter as long as there is adequate sunlight. The more intense sunlight it gets, the longer it will run.

Q2. Are Solar Ourdoor Lights Worth It?

Ans: Yes, a security solar light is worth it since it saves a lot of money that would’ve been used to light up your yard and doorway at night.

Q3. Do Solar Lights Run All Night?

Ans: Yes, outdoor solar lights will run all night if it stores up enough solar energy during daytime in its battery.

Light Up Your Doorway Automatically!

Having a solar security light from above are excellent choices for your doorway, making a bright entrance for visitors. Since they have motion sensors on them, they light up even when someone uninvited approaches your doorstep!

If you have any other suggestions to add to this list, then state it down in the comments below!

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