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Top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers In India

solar panel manufacturers in India

As India is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, the country’s carbon footprint is expanding as a result of widespread commercialization. To lower that impact and improve the environment, the Indian government has achieved 114 GW of solar energy by 2022.

As a result, alternative energy suppliers such as India’s top solar panel manufacturers have captured customers’ interest during the last several decades. 

To meet all of the goals and benefits of solar energy, the government is giving subsidies for installing solar energy systems in various states. In addition, federal grants are even assisting people in creating their own solar enterprises by acquiring franchises from one of India’s leading solar companies. So, in this article, we will learn about the top solar companies in India. 

What Are The Top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers In India?

What Are The Top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers In India

A solar panel manufacturing company in India will never have a shortage of customers because the graph of solar panel users is rising every year. As more people are aware of the benefits of solar energy, they are installing such panels in their homes and offices. So, let’s take a look at the top solar panel manufacturers in India.

1: Adani Solar

Adani Solar is India’s first and most significant vertically integrated solar enterprise, offering services and goods across the solar cell manufacturing spectrum. It is also one of the best solar panel manufacturers in India. The Company’s market position in the solar manufacturing industry helps India meet its climate targets.

The company uses cutting-edge technology, which is why they are the leading solar manufacturer in India. Their technology includes machinery and equipment obtained from leading manufacturers, which aims to aid in cost leadership, operational scalability, and dependability standards.

2: Vikram Solar Limited

Vikram Solar is a worldwide renowned leader in the sector of solar energy solutions. They specialize in high-efficiency PV module production and integrated EPC solutions. They also have a global presence on six continents and an active role in developing the solar revolution. 

Vikram Solar Limited takes satisfaction in having installed and commissioned over 1355 MW of solar plants across India. That is why they rank second on our list of the best solar panel manufacturers in India. In addition, in 2017, Vikram Solar increased its rated annual PV Module production capacity to 1 GW. 

3: Waaree Energies LTD

Waaree Energies Ltd. is the main company of the Waaree Group, which was created in 1989 and is based in Mumbai. They are India’s biggest solar panel manufacturers, with a 2 GW capacity at its Gujarat operational center in Umbergaon, and Surat. This company practically introduced solar manufacturing in India, so that gives them a separate credit. 

Waaree Energies is a leading provider of project development, EPC services, and solar water heaters, and rooftop solutions, in India. In addition to that, they are also an Independent Power Producer. Waaree has a broad reach in over 350 sites and a worldwide presence in 68 countries. 

4: Renewsys Solar

RenewSys is the world’s first integrated producer of Solar PV Modules. They are also one of the best solar panel manufacturers in India. Their significant components include Encapsulants, Backsheets, and Solar PV Cells. RenewSys is the sustainable energy division of the ENPEE Group, a diverse worldwide corporation with a nearly 60-year history of industrial expertise. 

They have two manufacturing units in India. Besides India, RenewSys also has a presence in Mauritius, Nigeria, South Africa, Singapore, UAE, China, and head office in Europe, the United States, and Mexico. The company is currently working on expanding its distribution network.

5: Tata Power Solar

Tata Power Solar is the most reliable and reputable solar panel manufacturers in India. India’s premier integrated solar player, succeeding throughout the solar value chain from cell and solar product production to rooftop and utility-scale solar project execution because of this company.

For more than 30 years, the company has been a pioneer in India’s solar on rooftop sector. They authorized the first solar rooftop installation in 1991. At present, they have an extensive network of more than 425 MW of rooftop systems. Their EPC services, solar modules, solar cells, and other products are also demanding in the Indian market.


SWELECT owns and manages a 140 MW class 100,000, world-class PV module HHV Solar Technologies production factory in Bangalore. The operational center also owns an R&D center. They are one of India’s best solar panel manufacturers as their product line includes highly qualified and highly efficient solar PV modules. 

SWELECT’s fundamental strength is technological competence, which is substantiated by cutting-edge production capacity. Their Solar PCUs, Solar PV Modules, Servo Stabilizers, and AJBs take solar manufacturing in India to the next level. Their solar panels are globally certified and conform to the BIS & IEC Standards in various power ratings. 


Emmvee Solar was founded in 1992, and it has evolved to become the largest manufacturer of solar water heating systems in India. Emmvee Solar is a solar industry leader in India, with over 25 years of expertise. Apart from solar water heating, their solar panel manufacturing in India is also praiseworthy.

In Dabaspet, Karnataka, the company has established a world-class manufacturing plant for solar panels. These units have a total production area of nearly 25,000 square meters. As a result, it has the highest market share in distributing its products under the ‘Solarizer’ brand.

8: Premier Solar

It is a two-decade-old firm that guarantees the functioning of its solar panels for 25 years. Technocrats with decades of technical and commercial experience are also promoting it, so it must be one of India’s best solar panel manufacturers. They have a strong R&D team that supports an advanced manufacturing plant in Hyderabad. 

The company was incorporated in 1995 with only 5 workers and a startup capital of Rs. 25 lakh. They have obtained quality certificates from the European Solar Test Installation, Ispra: Italy, TUV Intercept: Germany, ISO 9001-2008 from TUV SUD Germany, and ISO 14001:2004 from BMQR. 

9: Loom Solar

The list of India’s solar panel manufacturers will remain incomplete if we don’t talk about Loom Solar. It is an AC circuit producer and mon perc solar panel with a production capacity of 100 MW located in Haryana.

Because of its vast selection of solar panels ranging from 10 watts to 450 watts ultra highly efficient panels, the firm has been one of India’s fastest-growing solar panel producers. 

It was established in 2018, but the company has become one of India’s topmost solar panel manufacturers due to its cutting-edge technology. As a result, they offer the most diverse assortment of solar goods to the Indian market, which no other solar firm currently does. In addition, it introduced the world’s first IOT-based solar AC module in 2020. 

10: Saatvik Green Energy

It is the largest solar energy company in North India and thus one of India’s best solar panel manufacturers. Manufacturers have marketed highly efficient, and highly qualified solar photovoltaic modules from their modern manufacturing plant in Ambala, Haryana, Saatvik. 

They have an annual capacity of 500 MW and utilize the finest technological tools such as Lead automation. The company also provides a diverse variety of solar PV modules ranging from 40Wp to 380Wp. These solar modules are ideal for off-grid applications in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. 


We have discussed the top solar companies in India in this article. However, knowing about the best solar company in India may not be enough to buy a solar panel for yourself. So, let’s take a look at the additional questions here that may push you to switch to this renewable energy source;

1: Which Company Makes The Best Solar Panels In India?

Ans: Waaree Energies Ltd has a NABL lab facility. They provide EPC services,  solar water pumps, independent powerhouses, rooftop solutions, etc. Waaree Energies is one of India’s best solar panel manufacturers, with over 30 years of expertise and a presence in 68 countries. 

2: Who Is The Largest Solar Panel Manufacturer In India?

Ans: Adani Solar is the largest solar panel company in India. The company is currently building  8 gigawatts of large-scale solar capacity worth a $6 billion investment in India. Their hybrid solar systems are also recognized as one of the best ones in the entire world. 

3: Are Solar Panels Actually Worth It?

Ans: Solar energy has the lowest water-consumption footprint, and given the scarcity of water in the world, these panels are helpful. Solar panels are undoubtedly worth it for the environment’s good and save money in the long term. 


The list of top solar panel manufacturers in India has been detailly discussed in this article. We have included the best products, their locations, and how long they have been operating in the market. If you want to know more about the best solar company in India, you can ping us in the comment section.

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