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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Solar Panels: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Pros And Cons Of Solar Panels

The use of solar energy in your home or business comes with so much on top. That is why you need to understand the pros and cons of solar panels before you make a decision. This is an environmentally friendly option that will save you a lot of money in the long run.

However, everything that has its strength also has its own drawbacks. The amount of energy that your solar panels can harvest every day depends on several factors. It may depend on your place of residence, weather, season, and time of the day, among others. Geographical factors like latitude and climate also affect the amount of energy that you will get from your solar panels. 

Pros Of Solar Panels:-

With this in mind, you can now consider the pros and cons of solar panels. It will help you to determine whether it is an excellent option for you or not. We are starting with the pros parts of using solar panels.

1. Solar Is Clean And Renewable Energy Solar Is Clean And Renewable Energy

The manufacturing process of solar systems generates some pollution and emissions. However, in the operation of solar systems, the solar panels don’t generate any additional greenhouse gases that can warm the atmosphere. 

  • After setting up solar power, you can lead a comfortable life because you know that your home does not pose any negative impact on the environment. What this means is that overall, solar pane0ls are a much cleaner alternative to the other conventional energy sources. 
  • The other thing about solar energy is that it is renewable, and hence it does not run out. On the other hand, fossil fuels such as oil and coal get depleted over time.
  • When it comes to oil, the forecast of experts shows that it will run out in the coming few decades. Turning to solar energy will hasten the transition of society towards renewable energy. 
  • Solar panels produce clean energy that is free of any form of pollutants and does not emit greenhouse gases. An average American home generates 14,920 pounds of carbon dioxide every year.

With the installation of solar panels, you tend to reduce your carbon footprint by over 3000 pounds every year. 

2. Solar Energy Will Save You A Lot Of Money Solar Energy Will Save You A Lot Of Money

Cost-saving is among the key benefits of using solar energy. That is why you cannot look at the pros and cons of solar panels without looking at this issue. While using solar energy, you have less reliance on utilities to supply you with electricity. 

  • It will consequently take your monthly bill down, which may earn you a credit on your personal statement.
  • Electricity manufacturers also pay those customers who use solar panels for the additional energy that they don’t utilize in a month. Therefore, you will at least make some money in some countries. 
  • A solar system that is fully financed will cost you less than the energy that you purchase from the local utility of residential customers. Therefore, it is something that turns out to be very positive as you analyze the pros and cons of solar panels. 
  • When you use solar energy in the place of traditional energy, it can lead to financial savings. You can save between $10,000 and $30,000 over a period of ten years. The exact amount depends on the electricity usage and home size of your home. 

Unlike the payment of utility bills, using solar panels gives you a high return on investment. It is also possible to sell solar energy back to the grid. Therefore, you have the potential to earn as you save. 

3. Home Value Improvement

Home Value Improvement

  • Recent studies reveal that the value of your property increases after the installation of solar panels. Most people like to move into solar-powered homes without going through the process of having to install solar power systems.
  • If you invest in solar, you will still make some profits if you decide to sell your house in the future.
  • It is one of the best ways to enhance the value of your property. It is a point that you will really love as you look at the pros and cons of solar panels. 

4. Solar Panels Are Quieter Solar Panels Are Quieter

  • Solar panels don’t make any form of noise and don’t have any movable sections unless you purchase a PV array that has a rotational axis that follows the sunlight throughout the day. However, even in such cases, the nuisance and noise are barely noticeable. 
  • Wind turbines are another alternative source of energy, but they can make noise as it resembles a large fan that is blowing in your backyard. This is another parts of the pros and cons of solar panels.

This could be one of the reasons why wind turbines are situated near farms most of the time. It is better to install them in remote locations where there are no residences so that no one complains about the noise. 

5. Accessible In Remote Areas Accessible In Remote Areas

The installation and maintenance cost of solar panels tends to be high from the onset. However, when dealing with areas that cannot traditionally receive electricity, it can be a huge benefit to add solar panels. It is a feature that you cannot overlook when assessing the pros and cons of solar panels. 

  • There are some remote areas that are off the grid. Therefore, electricity companies are unable to add a grid matrix to enable them to install electricity. Such areas rely on solar power in order to use various devices like the internet, dryer and washer, and microwave. 
  • In some regions, there is a big debate on whether solar energy beats the grid when it comes to cost. However, when it comes to remote grid locations, solar tends to beat a gas-fired or diesel generator. 

6. Government Financial Support Government Financial Support 

You will get state and federal tax benefits when you install these solar panels in your business or home. Taxpayers can potentially claim 30% of the installation cost, and the benefits vary from one state to another.

  • This industry also creates job opportunities for solar panel manufacturers and helps the economy. It is something that you can easily overlook when analyzing the pros and cons of solar panels. 

7. Energy Independence Energy Independence 

The sun provides an infinite energy source which is not the case with natural gas and coal. Besides, you can practically use solar panels anywhere.

  • With the use of solar panels, you will reduce dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil. This will result in a more predictable and stable energy bill, especially at times when the energy demand is high. 

8. Has Longevity And Needs Minimal Maintenance Has Longevity And Needs Minimal Maintenance

Most solar systems in the market will last you 20-plus years. During this time, the solar equipment and panels call for minimal maintenance. That is why you cannot overlook this element in the pros and cons of solar panels. 

  • The brand that you select should help you to understand the exact maintenance requirements of the solar panel that you purchase.
  • The technology for solar energy keeps on improving. Therefore, the same solar panel that was manufactured last year will render better performance this year. 

Cons Of Solar Panels:-

While continuing to analyze the pros and cons of solar panels, this section now looks at the cons. It is good to compare both the strengths and weaknesses of the two in order to make an informed decision. 

1. Installing Solar Panels Can Be Expensive Installing Solar Panels Can Be Expensive

Even though you will save money by using less energy, the upfront cost of purchasing solar panels is high. If you have higher energy needs, the cost will be higher, and you may end up spending tens to thousands of dollars on the installation of solar panels. 

  • That is why the installation cost comes top on this list of pros and cons of solar panels. However, the good news is that the government may give you credits for the installation of solar panels. Some installers also offer interesting ways of a funding PV installation, and hence you will not invest massive capital in the process.
  • The installment amount can be equal to your monthly bills depending on where you reside and your payment plan. The advancement in manufacturing and energy conversion has made solar panels cheaper than ever before.

Therefore, this is a drawback that can be turned into a benefit in the long run. All you need to do is look at the long-term benefits of installing solar panels, and you will appreciate it. 

2. It May Not Work Properly In Rural Areas It May Not Work Properly In Rural Areas 

The potential of those areas that are close to the equator to produce solar electricity is far much greater than those that are close to the poles. Besides, areas that have consistent sunshine have a higher solar potential than those areas that are overcast frequently. 

  • The beauty of most parts of America is that they have a high potential to produce solar energy. Therefore, you may not have trouble with the generation of solar energy when living in these areas unless it is the winter season. 
  • Pollution is the other thing that you need to look at. When you use solar power, you disconnect from the grid, and hence you will generate less demand than the coal power plants meet. This ultimately reduces the level of pollution. 
  • However, if the areas that you are living in are polluted in the first place, it will lead to poor performance because of the black carbons that are spewed by power plants because they form smog and haze. It is something that most people don’t know about the pros and cons of solar panels. 

3. Size Of Your Roof May Not Be Big Enough The Size Of Your Roof May Not Be Big Enough

If you use more energy, you will require more space to be able to host more solar panels.

  • The good thing about solar panels is that you can install them on the rooftop of your home. However, if you are consuming so much energy, this rooftop may not be enough. 
  • This could be among the pros and cons of solar panels on roofs. The solar panels may become completely unable to fit on the roof of your home. 

It Is Expensive To Store Solar Energy 

It Is Expensive To Store Solar Energy 

Solar energy still works during rainy and cloudy days. However, the efficiency of these panels normally drops significantly at such times.

  • A few rainy or cloudy days will have a great impact on the bottom line of the energy bills. To add to this, you cannot collect solar energy at night. This is one of the limiting elements when exploring the pros and cons of solar panels. However, you can always install batteries in order to store solar energy. 

It Is Expensive To Store Solar Energy 

It Is Expensive To Store Solar Energy

This point comes last in this analysis of pros and cons of solar panels on homes. When the batteries charge during the day, you will be able to use solar energy at night.

  • The cost of these batteries can run from a few hundred dollars to more than 1500 dollars. The weight of the batteries also ranges from 60 all the way to 420 pounds. 
  • You also need to store these batteries in a place where they will not get wet or damaged. There is also a need to purchase accessories like replaceable cells and a cord that you need to replace after 15 to 20 years.

When you add the cost of installation to this, it increases the bill further. However, you stand to benefit a lot from the reduced utility bills in the long run. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Does The Installation Of Solar Panels Mess Up Your House Roof?

A maximum of the homeowners are having some installation problems. Due to installation problems, the solar panels sometimes hamper the roof. But if you don’t make any mistakes during the installations, your solar panel’s installation problems will go away.

Q2: Do The Solar Panels Affect Your House Insurance?

Yes, solar panels are covered with home insurance when you are adding solar panels to the home property. Then only the solar panels come under your insurance policy.

Q3: Do Storm Damage Solar Panels?

Yes, heavy storms can break your solar panels. Home insurance policies cover these types of damages. But storms can cause heavy damage to the solar panels.


These are the main pros and cons of solar panels on homes. When you analyze them carefully, you will realize that the pros outweigh the cons by far. Therefore, it is so advantageous to invest in solar panels. 

Besides, solar technology has constantly been improving over time. Solar panels produce renewable, clean, and abundant energy that will help you save a lot of money in the long run.

The only challenge is the production of this infrastructure which tends to leave a carbon footprint on the environment.  All said and done. It is highly beneficial to install solar panels in your home or office.

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