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Top 7 Best Portable Solar Panels In 2022

Portable Solar Panels

In recent years, one of the things that have taken the solar industry by storm is portable solar panels. They have cost effective and eco-friendly properties that make them very popular. With so many options in the market, you may be wondering what the best portable solar panels are. 

Portable panels will help you to recharge RV batteries or get electricity during dry camping. Therefore, there is no need to worry whenever you are in a blackout. Portable solar panels provide an excellent backup solution. This article will present to you the best 7 portable solar panels.

Qualities Of The Best Portable Solar Panels 

Qualities Of The Best Portable Solar Panels 

Portable solar panels are good in speeding up residential solar power systems. There are certain things that you need to look at in order to choose the best product in the market. 

Top on the list is the efficiency of portable solar panels. It is the rate of converting solar energy to direct electricity. With high efficiency, there will be more output of power. The efficiency of portable and smaller solar panels go up to 23%. Efficiency is the best indicator and selling an asset of portable solar panels. 

The other thing to help you determine the best portable solar panels is usage. How would you like to use this product? If you want to use the kit to power your appliances, TV battery, and other gadgets, make sure what you are buying has the capacity to do so.

What Are The Advantages Of Having Portable Solar Panels?

Technology is another important property to look for in portable solar panels. There are two modules that are known polycrystalline and monocrystalline modules. Monocrystalline is highly efficient and hence the best option for portable solar panels. 

Here are the pros of the portable power station with solar panels.

  • Green energy source.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Affordable power source.
  • You can change your place, but it will not go to affect your power supply.
  • Self-sustainable energy solutions.
  • Reliable power backup source.

The last thing to look at is the size and weight of the portable solar panels. In case you are traveling, you need to enhance your comfortability by looking for something that is light. The same case also happens when you are hiking or camping. Low-weight and foldable kits tend to work best for outdoor activities.

Here are the top 7 portable solar panels in 2021. 

1. Go Power! GP-PSK-130 130W Portable Folding Solar Panel

Go Power! GP-PSK-130 130W Portable Folding Solar Panel

If you travel in RVs and campervans, Go Power will connect you to the outside world. The portable solar kit has a very impressive energy output. It has a high efficiency of converting solar to energy which is something that you will love about this product. 

When there is sun, owners or campers enjoy close to 130 watts hourly. This power is enough to operate your appliances like air fryer, coffee makers, fridges and other electronics such as laptops and smartphones hassle-free. 

It is created from durable materials which guarantee you a long life span. Besides, this portable solar panel needs very little maintenance. All you need is to wipe it up with a towel and it will remain clean. You can do this 4 times every year and this gadget will give you the best services ever. 

Go power is a foldable kit that only clocks 26 lbs. Therefore, it is easy to carry it everywhere you go. It also has a quick and easy setup and will run in just a few minutes. The beauty about this portable solar panel is that it does not need permanent placement. You can hook it up on a boat, ATV, and car and start using it. 

The product comes in a solid nylon bag and you can fold it for easy transportation and storage. It is cheap to install this system and minimizes the monthly power bills.


  • Impressive energy output
  • Manufactured from durable materials 
  • Foldable for easy transportation and storage   
  • Budget-friendly option 
  • Easy setup 


  • The solar controller may be defective 

2. TwelSeavan Portable Solar Panel 

TwelSeavan Portable Solar Panel 

TwelSeavan is one of the portable solar panels for electric cars. Its top benefit is that it has high conversion efficiency. It is created with monocrystalline solar cells helping the kit to spike up to 23% efficiency when converting electricity to become usable energy. Therefore, it offers optimal performance than ordinary solar kits. 

The kit is highly compatible with several solar powered generators in the market. It comes with an 8mm DC adapter and a 10 DC connector to improve its performance.  

It also has a 4-port smart charging technology to help the user charge multiple devices once and it delivers fast charging. You can connect your cameras, smartphones, tablets, and portable battery power bank at the same time. 

This solar kit notably has a solid construction. The surfaces are made from PET polymer which renders them weather resistant and hence good for outdoor activities. In case of heavy rains, wind, and snow when hiking, picnicking, or camping, there is no reason to panic. 

It has good portability properties with a compact size that only weighs 9.5 lbs. hence you can easily carry it around with you. The foldable properties of this appliance make storage easy. The solar panel also has a rubber handle making it easy to carry everywhere and anywhere. Lastly, mounting and installing this gadget is very easy. 


  • High compatibility and efficiency 
  • Wide applications: home use, camping, and hiking 
  • Easy to install 
  • Compact size for easy portability 
  • High durability 
  • Fast and multiple charging 


  • Costly than other products on the market 

3. Renogy 200 Watts 12V Foldable Solar Panel

Renogy 200 Watts 12V Foldable Solar Panel

Renogy is among the most popular brands in the solar industry. From inverters to generators, to solar panels, the company has an upgraded solar panel that spikes 12 volts and 200 watts. This solar energy is sufficient to deliver electricity to commercial and residential places. 

It comes with alligator clips for easy installation. The system can be set up within no time even if you are a beginner. With the kickstand, you can mount it without using so much time and effort. 

Its aluminum stand is corrosion-resistant, and adjustable, and you can comfortably mount it at any angle. It also has a sturdy angle that latches for longevity. It also has a 100W waterproof controller hence having everything in control. 

Besides, it has a protective casing that is compatible with flooded, gel, and sealed batteries. It is one of the best portable solar panels on the market. 


  • A 100W waterproof controller 
  • Durable construction 
  • Protective casing 
  • Easy and quick installation 
  • Excellent performance even during low sunlight 


  • The machine is slightly heavy than the other portable solar panels 

4. HQST 100 Watt 12 Volt Polycrystalline Solar Panel 

HQST 100 Watt 12 Volt Polycrystalline Solar Panel 

HQST is one of the reliable brands that deliver incredible off-grid solutions. From marine solar kits to starters to premium kits, you will find all of them here. The company features polycrystalline solar panels that offer a 100 watts solution. 

It has a stylish carrying case which boosts its portability. The model has 36 solar cells that produce an output of 22 voltages from an open circuit. It also comes with a PWM and has an output of 20 Amp. The package also has a charge controller and 10 feet of wiring. 

The charge controller has 3 charging stages, 2 hours to completely charge, and overvoltage protection. The device has a unique temperature sensor to accurately charge your portable battery bank. Since it is compact and lightweight, you can easily carry it anywhere. When hiking or camping, you can hook it up easily and charge all your appliances. It is among the portable solar panels that have a high level of reliability. 


  • Easy installation 
  • A charge controller included 
  • Dependable and reliable 
  • High efficiency even under low light conditions 
  • Comes with a durable aluminum casing 


  • Some people complain over the MC4 connectors quality 

5. Goal Zero Boulder 100 Briefcase 

Rockpals SP003 100W Foldable Solar Panel 

Goal Vero Boulder is among the finest portable solar solutions. The module has an aluminum frame construction, reinforced corners, and tempered glass hence a great choice for outdoor activities. With the integrated tilt stand, you can tilt the panel at any angle and increase the generation and production of solar energy throughout the day. You can even tilt it at an angle of 45 degrees. 

During summer, you can effortlessly harvest more power from the abundance of sunlight. The lightweight properties make it a preference of most campers as a portable and small solar panel. You can also fix the removable kickstand. 

The panel has a solar output of 100W that will support your power needs efficiently. It also has a briefcase to safely store your panel whenever it is not in use. This feature is also ideal for portability. 


  • High power output 
  • Portable 
  • Best for outdoor situations 
  • One year warranty 
  • The kickstand provides easy installation 


  • Heavy than the other models 

6. SUAOKI Solar Charger 60W Portable Solar Panel 

SUAOKI Solar Charger 60W Portable Solar Panel 

SUAOKI is another portable solar panel that will give you value for your money. It is compatible with the battery pack hence ideal for most power supplies. You can use it in building a portable solar generator to make your system stronger. The kit is best at charging your laptops, tablets, or smartphones. 

The device uses an upgraded charging technology. This unit generates an output of up to 60W and has 20% conversion efficiency. This power is sufficient to power up RV batteries, appliances, and electronics among other gadgets. 

This solar panel is foldable, and hence you can carry it just like a briefcase while travelling, hiking, or walking around the camping site. The attribute also guarantees easy transportation. When you unfold it, it has a big size hence it can hang on a tent, beaches, or campervan to produce electricity from the sun. 

It comes with useful accessories like 2 DC cables, a portable car solar panel charger, connector cables for laptops and tablets, and a 60W solar panel. All this will help you to ensure and ease activities that require portable solar power. You are also covered with a one-year warranty upon purchase. 


  • Compatible with solar generator systems 
  • Easy installation 
  • Has USB ports that support multiple charging 
  • These are one of the market’s best portable solar panels for rv
  • Useful accessories included 
  • Foldable hence easy storage 


  • Panels are very long 

7. Rockpals SP003 100W Foldable Solar Panel 

Rockpals SP003 100W Foldable Solar Panel 

Rockpals offers one of the best power solutions in the market. It is designed for solar generators and is highly compatible with several solar power generators. It has an 8mm DC adapter for the Jackery plays which makes it work on this perfectly. 

The device has a 3USB smart charge technology. It is a special smart IC chip as it intelligently identifies the gadget. This feature improves and maximizes the speed of charging. The feature also protects your gadget from overcharging and overloading. 

The device has very high efficiency of conversion. It will help you enjoy unlimited volumes of free energy that will meet your desires and needs. When camping, it is very simple to hook up the device to a car or RV. 

It is manufactured from sturdy Oxford clothes that help it to withstand any weather conditions. The surfaces are both water-resistant and durable. No amount of wind, snow, or rain can damage this portable solar panel. Therefore, it is an excellent product for outdoor applications. 

The solar panel is foldable which makes it easy to package, carry, and even store. It is indeed one of the best portable solar panels on the market. 


  • Compatible with solar generators 
  • High conversion efficiency 
  • Foldable and portable 
  • Multiple USB ports that support fast charging 
  • Water-resistant material 


  • No reported drawbacks so far 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:What Are The Main Components Of Portable Solar Panels?

Silicon is the main component of portable solar panels. These portable solar panels are made of both positive and negative layers. That is creating an elastic field. When the sunlight hits the solar panels, it automatically generates an electric current.

Q2: How Long Do Portable Solar Panels Last?

A single solar panel will last about 25 to 30 years. But this life entirely depends on your maintenance process. Yes, the average portable lifespan of solar panels is 25 years. But if you like to expand your life, then you have to follow a proper maintenance process.

Q3: Do Solar Panels Work Under The Rain?

Solar panels can work in the rain. So even during cloudy weather, the sunlight reflects on the solar panels, and it will produce electricity. But rainwater washed out the dust and the dirt particles, which promotes the electricity supply.


This comprehensive review presents some of the best portable solar panels on the market. Whether you plan to do dry camping or travel off-grid, you will not fail to find an efficient small solar panel. With a portable solar kit, you can be sure of having an easy ride. 

Every time you are buying a portable solar panel, check out some features like usage, technology, size, and efficiency. With this, you can be sure of getting maximum benefits from the portable solar panel. 

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