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climate change

Learn what initiatives different organizations and countries around the world take to improve the Earth’s major threat “Climate Change.” Climate change threats have become so prominent that people across the globe have started to feel its effects. From sudden wildfires to extreme floods that destroyed millions of lives.

So across the globe several organizations and countries are doing their part to slow the “Climate Change.” Here are what these initiatives and other climate change related stories are.

  1. A Government Official of Indonesia announced that 200,000 hectares of palm plantations will be converted into tree canopy. This huge area is more than double the size of New York City.

3.3 million hectares of palm plantation had been identified as illegally occupied land where tree canopy should have been. The new legislation that was issued in 2020 will make a definite decision to see through this act after a fine is paid by the illegal occupants.

  1. The European Commission proposed an emission limit on methane gas on EU gas imports.
  2. By 2040 The US Environmental Protection Agency will have to phase out the food wastes from landfill areas.
  3. The UN Environment Program said that the climate adaptation fund gap is 50% higher than that was estimated previously. Poor countries are estimated to need 366 billion dollars to adapt to the new climate change but the budget stands at 25 billion dollars (2017-2021).
  4. “Nepal’s Snow capped mountains have lost almost one-third of its ice due to Global warming,” said the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres while on a visit to Mount Everest.
  5. The key components to protect Amazon rainforest is the ingenuity of young leaders and their efforts.
  6. The Baltic Sea biodiversity has seen no change in degradation due to the climate crisis between the years 2016 to 2021.
  7. In the African country, Chad, the first dengue fever outbreak was recorded by The World Health Organization. 1,300 suspected cases were able to be identified but the numbers might rise as we write.
  8. Filkins Drift hiked 870 miles in the UK around Wales while carrying their instruments to spread music in remote communities. This hike was aimed to encourage the mindset of the music industry towards sustainable touring.
  9. The Great Plains grassland of the US was destroyed in a year from the data of the World Wildlife Fund. Around 1.6 million acres of grassland was destroyed.
  10. Three areas of Australia’s Northern Queensland residents were ordered to evacuate due to out-of-control bushfires that threaten their community.
  11. The Guardian reported that Earth’s carbon emissions caused by climate change will breach the 1.5°C limit before 2030. Previously the prediction was made till the mid-2030s but now it is said to cross the limit by 2029.
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