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How To Clean Solar Panels On Roof? Things You Should Know In 2022

How to clean solar panels on roof

Installing and owning solar panels are such huge investments. So every solar panel owner wants to maintain their solar panels. As we all know the well maintained solar panels will live longer. And for maintenance, cleaning is the primary step which you should do. Let’s see how to clean solar panels on the roof? With proper cleaning and maintenance, you can improve your solar panels’ longevity.

Why Is Solar Panels Cleaning Necessary?

Why Is Solar Panels Cleaning Necessary

Solar panels work with solar light. So the primary requirement of the cleaning is you have to keep the panels clean as the solar light can reach up the cells. Every place has a different type of environment. Some of the places are dusty, and some of the places have heavy snowfall.

You have to clean the dust and the ice from the panels. So that sun rays can reach the cells and produce electricity from there. And solar panels’ life will be extended when you are following the clean and the maintenance procedures. Hence let’s see how to clean solar panels on a roof.

Easy Steps For Solar Panel Cleaning

Easy Steps For Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are very fragile and sensitive. So unless you do not know the proper tips for cleaning the solar panels, the maintenance will be much tougher.

How to clean solar panels on roof? Here are the six tips which you can follow for cleaning solar panels.

Step 1: First, remove the loose dust and the other impurities from the solar panels. For this cleaning, you must use a soft or solar panel cleaning cloth.

Step 2: Now solar panels cleaning kits are readily available. Buy one of these solar panel cleaning kits.

Step 3: You will find a solar panel cleaning biodegradable soap, a soft wiper, and a small brush.

Step 4: Read the instructions of the kits properly. Then mix the biodegradable soaps in a single bucket of water. The room temperature tap water is pretty convenient for starting the cleaning of the solar panels.

Step 5: Dip the small brush in the bucket and start to clean the solar panels. Do not be harsh on the cleaning process. It will be better if you start to clean the panels with small strokes.

Step 6: You can easily clean all the loose dirt particles with soft fabric tissue. But for cleaning the cells and the panels, you have to scrub the panels with a soft bristle brush.

Step 7: Through scrubbing, you can remove all the dirt build-ups and dust from the solar panels.

Step 8: Do not use any harsh scrub sponge for cleaning. For example, the abrasive sponge is harsh for solar panels. And it also can cause some marks of scratching.

Step 9: If you want to know how to clean solar panels on your roof. Then these are the simple tips that you can follow in cleaning up solar panels. But if you can not reach up to the solar panels for cleaning. Then there is no other way rather than to seek the help of a solar panel cleaning specialist.

Step 10: Always use the soft textured microfiber rag or cleaning cloth to avoid scratching chances. If your solar panels are damaged during the cleaning, you have to invest a lot of money in repairing them.

Step 11: If you often clean your solar panels, then you can only use the hose pipe to remove the dirt and the other buildups from the panels.

Step 12: You can simply pat dry the panels after cleaning them.

Precautions Tips For Solar Panels Cleaning

Precautions Tips For Solar Panels Cleaning

Before starting to follow the steps of how to clean solar panels on roof, this is better to know what type of safety precautions you should follow.

Here are the three safety cushion tips you must follow before cleaning up the solar panels on your roof.

  • Solar panels work after absorbing the heat. To avoid cleaning the panels on hot summer days. Instead, select a reasonable cooler day for cleaning.
  • Do not use any harsh scrubbers for cleaning.
  • Always use the safety belts or the harness if you have to climb up on the roof. These safety caution steps will go to avoid the chances of injury.
  • Consult your solar panel installation company at least once before starting your cleaning project. Professional cleaners can promise you a better result. If your panels are installed in dangerous positions, then it is better to ask for the profession’s help.

These are the safety tips that you need to follow before you start the instructions steps on how to clean solar panels on the roof.

How Frequently Do Solar Panels Need Cleaning?

How Frequently Do Solar Panels Need Cleaning

Many solar panel owners keep asking how to clean snow off solar panels on roofs. Snow will fall from the panels if your solar panels are installed in tilted positions. But sometimes, the dirt and the snow jointly build up the debris. In that case, you have to follow the same cleaning techniques for cleaning up the solar panels.

The frequency of solar panel cleaning entirely depends on the type of solar panels. But usually, the monthly cleaning is ok for maintaining the solar panels in good health. You have to ensure that your solar panel and cells can absorb the proper amount of sunlight to produce the maximum amount of electricity.

Weekly or monthly cleaning is required for maintenance. And during the cleaning, you also can check the functions of the solar panels. Do the repair work, which is a necessity. You have to make sure that your cells are getting enough of the solar rays.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q1: Are Cleaned Solar Panels Actually Worth It?

Ans: Yes, properly cleaned solar panels have improved the output by 1%. This is the main reason why homeowners like to have clean solar panels.

Q2: Can You Clean The Solar Panels With Pressure Wash?

Ans: No, the pressure wash may be suitable for your home and other exteriors. But for cleaning the solar panels, pressure washing is not good. Even your panels can damage when you are applying the pressure wash.

Q3: How Much Does It Cost To Clean The Solar Panel?

Ans: Homeowners are spending an average of $150 to clean the solar panels. Cleaning companies charge about  $3 and $10. So the flat rate of cleaning the solar panels is $150 to $350.

Wrapping It Up:

I think you already get the whole idea about how to clean solar panels on the roof. Before starting your cleaning project, note down the precautions steps. As a solar panel owner, you should maintain the proper steps for cleaning. One cleaned and well-maintained solar panel is eligible for producing more electricity. So what types of tips are you following for solar cleaning? Let’s now your opinion through the comment sections.

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