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Top 5 Suggestions To Choose The Best Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner  

Top 5 Suggestions To Choose The Best Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner

If you are considering purchasing an Air Conditioner in the near future, then you have to come to the right place! There are a lot of factors to consider before buying an AC. Not to mention that there are tons of brands to choose from.

In this article, I will be discussing the top five brands of AC that you should consider for your next purchase.

Keep reading till the end to find out more information on energy efficient air conditioner!

Top 5 Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner To Buy  

Here is a list of the top five energy efficient air conditioner to buy:

1.5 Ton – Whirlpool Inverter Split AC  

1.5 Ton - Whirlpool Inverter Split AC

This air conditioner features a variable-speed compressor that helps in adjusting the temperature as per the user’s requirement. It is also known to feature an auto-restart option that resumes functioning after a power cut.

This AC also comes with a 4-in-1 convertible mode that ensures effective cooling according to the size of the room. It works on a technology of “Intellisense Inverter Technology” – that actively reduces power consumption. This will also actively help in reducing electricity bills. It also has a hidden display and a very sleek design.

1.5 Ton – Carrier Flexicool Inverter Split AC  

1.5 Ton - Carrier Flexicool Inverter Split AC

This most energy-efficient air conditioner from the brand Carrier is a very suitable option for usage in medium-sized rooms and offers a maximum amount of cooling with very less energy consumption. It is also known to feature a 6-in-1 technology of Flexicool that aids in choosing and enabling a personalized form of cooling modes.

The dual-filtration process actively removes dust, particles, and pollutants for providing better and clean air quality. Also, this AC is known to feature auto-lasting usage. It additionally requires low maintenance and provides long-lasting comfort.

1.5 Ton – Voltas Inverter Split AC  

1.5 Ton - Voltas Inverter Split AC

The Voltas AC is known to offer an operation that is free of stabilizer for a range of voltage. It also features a condenser-coil which is known to be more durable as it delivers an efficient cooling performance. It also offers an active dehumidifier that can actively sense the control and humidity of the monsoon.

The inverter compressor should also optimize the power consumption while still maintaining room temperature. Also, it is known to use an R32 refrigerant to make it more environment-friendly. The AC is known to feature a 4-speed fan function. It also has a multi-stage filtration system and a turbo cooling feature.

1.5 Ton – Panasonic Split Air Conditioner Wi-Fi twin Cool Inverter   

1.5 Ton - Panasonic Split Air Conditioner Wi-Fi twin Cool Inverter

The Panasonic AC is known to have a smart control with its voice assistants and application – Alexa and Google Assistant. This is a great energy efficient air conditioner. It also offers durability as it provides a stabilizer-free operation for the voltage ranges between 100V to 290V. This twin cool inverter can provide very fast cooling and can also maintain the set temperature.

This split AC is rated five stars for saving energy. The AC also features a condenser-coil that has Shield Blu Technology that actively prevents corrosion and ensures its durability. Also, it has a self-diagnosis function. This Panasonic AC also lets the users schedule the hourly temperatures in order to prevent chills at night.

1.5 Ton – LG AI Dual Inverter Split AC  

1.5 Ton - LG AI Dual Inverter Split AC

This LG Air conditioner provides variable cooling which helps conserve energy and also adjust the temperature. It is also said to be equipped with several anti-virus filters that would filter out the bacteria and viruses in the air and ensure pure air quality.

It also features a condenser-coil that protects it from pollutants like smoke, dust, humidity, and much more. Also, it is known to feature a 6-in-1 convertible mode that suits a user’s different needs. The LG AC has a five-star rating for energy efficiency and offers a much quieter performance. This is a low power consumption ac.

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying One  

There are a lot of factors that come into play when considering buying an energy efficient air conditioner. Below, I will be listing down a few factors that every buyer should consider before selecting on a particular air conditioner:


The size of a house or a room and the limit of cooling also determines the size of an air conditioner that a person would want to buy. Purchasing the right sized conditioner is very important for the increased and efficient lifespan of an AC.  

Energy Efficiency  

The BEE which stands for Bureau of Energy Efficiency has standardized star-rated energy efficiency ratings. It is also called an EER for air conditioners. Before someone buys an air conditioner, they need to make sure that there is a star rating marked on it – this would give them an indication of the level of energy efficiency the AC provides.

Split / Window Type  

Energy efficient window air conditioner has a single portable box that is known to contain all of the major components and is installed on the window of a room. These are actually the most suitable for cooling a comparatively smaller type of room. While on the contrary, split ACs are more suitable for bigger rooms. The Windows air conditioners are more  of an energy efficient portable air conditioner.


Before going ahead with buying an AC you also need to make sure that you are comparing different models and their prices. You could get the specifications that you want in an AC for a much cheaper price if you compare different models. It would also be wise if you go for an AC that is of a well-established brand.

Cooling Speed  

The adjustable thermostat in an AC also helps the fans in getting different temperatures throughout the day. The ability to set pre-defined and variable temperatures helps in increasing the cooling efficiency and also actively reduces energy usage.

To Wrap It Up!  

That was all for information regarding the top 5 AC suggestions that are best at energy-saving.

Thank you for reading up till here. I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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