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Do Solar Panels Need Direct Sunlight? Things You Should Know In 2022

do solar panels need direct sunlight

Often the homeowners ask this question about the weather. Do solar panels need direct sunlight? These questions are not out-of-the-box questions. This is pretty obvious that you are installing solar panels to power your house or factory. And this is a good amount of investment.

But the earth is rotating. And sunlight is different from one place to other. Especially when you are living in a hill station with cloudy weather, often you cannot see the face of the sun for several days. Does this situation hamper your house’s power lines and the systems?

Let’s see what science says about solar panels powering.

Do Solar Panels Need Direct Sunlight To Work?

Do Solar Panels Need Direct Sunlight To Work

Solar panels always work best under direct sunlight. Solar panels individually produce electricity by combining direct and indirect sunlight. Both types of sunlight work as inputs. These two are combined and produce electricity.

Solar panels do not require direct sunlight to produce electricity. Any form of light, like direct or indirect sunlight, can produce electricity in the panels.

Some of the small solar panels, like individual solar panels, can also take charge under any form of light, even from artificial lights. But if you want the best functioning solar panels, always install them under direct sunlight.

I guess you already get the answer: do solar panels need direct sunlight? Now let’s move on to the next part of the question, where I am going to tell you how do solar panels need direct sunlight or light to produce electricity.

How Much Is Sunlight Sufficient For Solar Panels Function?

How Much Is Sunlight Sufficient For Solar Panels Function

Each of the solar panels requires at least 1000 W/m2 of sunlight to deliver the best functioning mode. The amount of the sun is entirely dependent on the solar panels’ functioning mode. This is the correct answer for how much direct sunlight do solar panels need for charging. But it also can differ from each of the panel’s features and the power requirements.

Solar panels do not require direct sunlight for functioning. If you have an entire factory or plant to run with solar power, you will require at least five to four hours a day to charge your panels fully. To reach the maximum efficiency level, your panels need direct sunlight. But electricity can also be produced in foggy weather.

Do Solar Panels Work Under The Shade?

Do Solar Panels Work Under The Shade

Yes, do you have the question like do solar panels need direct sunlight to charge? Then my answer is no, solar panels do not require direct sunlight for charging. But if you want to produce the full power from your panels, then without the sunlight, this is almost impossible to have.

As per the solar panel’s expert statements, homeowners will lose nearly 40% of the solar generation if you install it under the shade. The direct sunlight will not reach the panel’s surface, which is the main reason the power output will be limited.

How is the shading impacting the solar panel’s functions? Here are the three facts about it.

Shading Duration:

More of your panels are put underneath the shade. The electricity production will drop.

If you have to put the panels under the shade, measure up the direct sunlight time under the shade first. Hence the sun’s rays are constantly changing their path.

If you have some confusion regarding ‘do solar panels need direct sunlight. You can take help from professionals. They will calculate the shading impacts on your panels and suggest a better angle for your panels.

Technology Matters:

Modern solar panels produce a better amount of power even when they are in shady areas. How? 

The photovoltaic cell manufactured with half-cut technology ensures that individual panels are reducing the impacts of the shading. But standard solar panels are manufactured using half-cut PV cells. As a result, they are not capable of minimizing the shading impacts.

Smart Inverter Setup:

If you live in a place where you do not get direct sunlight for several days. Then the smart inverters will always go to ease your problems. Only you have to select the inverter as per your requirements. 

Many of the hill station areas are using panels to power the batteries. And the hill stations are in a clouded place. So what to do? The most accessible solutions are just to reserve the energy in the inverter or batteries for future use. 

Do you need direct sunlight for solar panels to power a whole factory? Yes, if it requires more power generation, then steady and consistent solar light is required. If you want to have an alternative solution, then you have to buy ample power storage. 

Do Solar Panels Work During Cloudy And Snowy Weather?

Do Solar Panels Work During Cloudy And Snowy Weather 

Solar panels can work in cloudy, snowy, or rainy weather. It’s all spent on the thickness of the clouds. But power generation will be reduced by 10% to 40%.

If you are living in a place where snowfall often happens. The climate is very positive to have solar panels. However, sometimes the overheating of the panels hampers the panels. And it’s lacking longevity.

The little snow falls or the dusting will not hamper the panels’ functions. Hence sunlight can pass through the light-dusted snow and power your panels. On the other hand, it also controls the heat of the panels.

Do solar panels need to be in direct sunlight to change in the snowy weather? Snow can not stay on the panels as the solar panels are installed at the angles.

Frequently Asked Question:-

Q1: Which Types Of Solar Panels Work Best Under The Shade?

Ans: Solar panels have built-in microinverters. Microconverts are combating the shading problems. Each of the panels works individually. If one solar panel goes out, others will work similarly.

Q2: Do Solar Panels Work Under The Moonlight?

Ans: Yes, solar panels can take charge under the moonlight. The sunlight reflects on the moon, so your solar panels can take control of the moonlight. But the electricity productions are very less. 

Q3: Can Your Solar Panels Break Under The  Hail Storms?

Ans: Yes, hail storms can damage solar panels if your home insurance policies are going to cover the panel’s cost. Then you can reduce the revised manufacturing cost of the panels. But intense hail storms can always hamper the discussions and break them.


I think you get the right answer for do solar panels need direct sunlight for charging. Shading is going to hamper the electricity production of the panels. But rather than that, there are no other types of facts that can hamper electricity production.

If you like to improve the production of electricity, then installing the inverters will be an excellent solution for you. Store the power in the batteries for future use. So what are your ideas about solar panel functions? Share your experiences through the comment sections.

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