Why You Should Avoid Degradable Garbage Bags For Being A Pollution-Free World?

Degradable Garbage Bags

For the last few decades, the use of plastics has increased a lot, and those days, plastics are almost everywhere. It is used in making packaging, bags, cutleries, containers, bottles, electronics, furniture, stationeries, and many more. Even in the cases of garbage bags, too, plastics are used. This makes plastic garbage bags non-degradable. However, to stop plastic pollution and overuse of plastics in the world, you will need to use degradable garbage bags, which include compostable and recyclable trash bags.

It is easy to break down degradable garbage bags chemically and biologically. Furthermore, microorganisms and bacteria in the environment help in breaking down biodegradable garbage bags. However, on the other hand, plastic bags are non-degradable and are really tough to break down and take millions of years to eliminate naturally.

Degradable vs. Biodegradable vs. Compostable Trash Bags

If you want to go eco-friendly with your trash bags, you will need to ensure that your bags are either degradable, biodegradable, or compostable. The major difference between biodegradable and degradable trash bags is that biodegradable trash bags have the ability to break down naturally. On the other hand, degradable garbage bags contain strong chemicals that cause harm after their breaking down.

Degradable bags break down and can cause further damage to the health of animals that accidentally chew plastic. Microplastics cause the same problem in the ocean. Both biodegradable and degradable garbage bags break down after coming in contact with sunlight. The only difference between the two is the inside material and the speed of the breaking-down process.

You will find added microorganisms on biodegradable garbage bags, which help a lot in the process of breaking down. However, on the other hand, compostable trash bags or compost bags are fully made up of natural components and are made of natural plant starch. As the name suggests, you can put your compost bag inside your compost system, and it will act as compost after breaking down. The same is not possible with biodegradable and degradable garbage bags.

Composition Of Compostable, Biodegradable, And Degradable Garbage Bags

Biodegradable garbage bags are made up of renewable raw materials. In some cases, even these garbage bags are made up of recyclable trash bags or other materials. However, compostable bags are made up of vegetable matter like corn starch or potato starch. If these compostable bags come in contact with enough moisture, the composting process will start abruptly. The best part is, whatever material is inside, the bag will start composting them too.

On the other hand, degradable garbage bags are made of hard metals and strong chemicals, which include, in some cases, crude oil. Although degradable bags break down, the speed of breaking down is very slow, and the breakdown process also creates further pollution.

Furthermore, biodegradable garbage bags also contain bioplastics, which are biopolymers that have a faster degradation rate than biobased plastics. Additionally, in some cases, biodegradable garbage bags are also more eco-friendly than degradable garbage bags. However, compostable garbage bags are much more eco-friendly than the other two.

Advantages Of Using Compostable Trash Bags

Compostable Trash Bags

Many houses, as well as businesses, are actually saving a lot of money by making use of compostable garbage bags. They are getting rid of conventional single-use plastics, which are non-degradable. The following are some of the major benefits that you will get with the use of compostable garbage bags:

1. You Can Save A Lot Of Money

If you have a business, you can save thousands of dollars by not sending your waste materials to landfills and rather composting your waste with the help of compostable garbage bags. Since organic waste is full of moisture, you can make the compostable garbage bag easily break down on your backyard rather than paying waste-takers.

2. You Can Cause Less Pollution

Compostable garbage bags are a great option to cause less pollution to the environment. One of the major drawbacks of single-use plastics and other degradable garbage bags is that they cause pollution to the environment and also produce harm to animals and plants. This further increases the level of environmental damage. Furthermore, if you have a business, you can also enhance your brand image with compostable garbage bags.

3. You Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Unlike traditional garbage bags and plastics, compostable garbage bag has less carbon emission. Hence, you can reduce your carbon footprint with the use of compostable garbage bags. Furthermore, once you make use of compostable garbage bags in your yard, you can actually enhance the rate of breaking down of garbage and waste, which is good for the environment.

On the other hand, if you make use of regular plastics and degradable garbage bags, you can enhance your carbon emissions by a whopping 4 tonnes. This is because these degradable garbage bags are made up of harmful chemicals and oil, which increase emissions.

4. You Can Save Landfill Space

If you make use of bags that are not compostable, you will only be able to discard them in landfills. In those landfills, these garbage bags will stay for hundreds of years to break down in the right manner. However, if you use compostable garbage bags, they will not take up any space in the landfills, and they will break down quickly after it gets access to moisture.

5. Compostable Garbage Bags Break Down Easily

Since plastic bags and degradable garbage bags take a long time, almost hundreds of years, to naturally degrade, the microorganisms inside the bag unnaturally decompose. This enables them to create toxic substances, which create more pollution in the environment. Since compostable garbage bags are fully compostable and breaks down easily, it is a really great option for you to use.

Summing Up

Hence, to decrease your supply of degradable garbage bags to the waste and landfills, you will need to make changes now and start using compostable garbage bags. Compostable garbage bags are made up of plant starch and compostable material. Once you throw away the garbage bag, after using it, it will act as compost and will also help other materials to break down. To buy compostable garbage bags, you can look for them online.

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