COP28 Shares The Reason For Urgent Action On Climate Change  


COP28 is the 28th Conference Of Parties to Framework the UN Convention on Climate Change that will take place in UAE.  From 30th November till 12th December UAE will host the Convention on Climate Change or COP28 at Expo City, Dubai.

UAE is set to unite the world on the agreement that will work towards taking bolder steps for decreasing climate change effects around the globe. COP28 want to accelerate taking actions towards making Climate Change net zero.

The global targets planned by the UN is not reducing emissions fast enough according to reports. Hence why Unilever is asking governments to attend the COP28 and take more initiative to avoid climate breakdown.

At the COP 28 conference, Unilever will be asking global leaders and their government to increase their efforts towards limiting global warming to 1.5 degree Celsius. They will be asking for other changes to in accord with the Paris Agreement.

All the gaps in the Paris Agreement will be addressed in the conference and how to overcome them to achieve net zero emission by 2039. Here are what COP28 will focus on in regard to initiatives towards net zero climate change.

  1. Globally we have already achieved 93% renewable electricity at present from the previous policies. Now the policy needs to change towards 100% renewable electricity sources to meet the global operations bu 2030. Also renewable electricity should be made available to suppliers who can decarbonize their operations.
  2. UN is already committed towards helping regenerate and protect 1.5 million hectares of land  including forests and oceans by 2030. COP28 call forwards strict actions towards eliminating subsidiaries that harm biodiversity and funding towards nature by creating policies that support Global Biodiversity Framework.
  3. Food transformation will be a major topic of discussions in COP28. Government will be asked to make more incentive investment towards regenerative agriculture especially after seeing positive impacts on the first regenerative agricultural projects.
  4. More initiative towards low-carbon feed stocks which is an alternative to fossil-fuel based chemicals.

To limit warming of our planet to 1.5 degree Celsius by 2030  by increasing the initiatives towards Global climate change. Unilever’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Rebecca Marmot says, “We’ve been working hard to understand the key levers for reducing our carbon footprint, and are now engaging suppliers and brands to accelerate emissions reduction.”

She adds further, But we also need governments to create the enabling environment for change through policies that support a sustainable future. This will help us move further, faster towards achieving net zero by 2039.” 

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