Experts Says Water Is Completely Linked To Climate Crisis Globally

Climate Crisis

Water is essential for living we all know this but now experts saying how crucial it is also regarding the climate crisis. According to Sukumar Devotta, former director of Neeri, who spoke at the inaugural workshop at CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute or (CSIR-Neeri) mentioned water is inextricably linked to the climate crisis globally.

He mentions how adaptation to the climate crisis in the world water plays a crucial role. He says, “India depends on rainwater for groundwater recharge, but uneven distribution of rainfall is affecting groundwater recharge.” Adding further that people should start saying ‘Water is running out of India’ rather than telling ‘India is running out of water.’

Satish Wate, former director of Neeri has offered suggestions as to look for new carrying capacity methods to deal with climate change. These new methods should ensure a sustainable development towards water management against climate change.

He stressed on the importance and need of an integrated water management system in urban cities towards a sustainable India in the future. The WHO (World Health Organization) deputy head of India,

Payden said that globally 1 out of 4 people do not have access to safe managed drinking water in their homes. While 2 out of 5 people do not have safe manages sanitation in different countries across the globe. She vocalized her concerns over poor sanitation in different countries that leads to various illnesses like diarrhea.

Payden also commented on ‘hand hygiene’ as a measure to avoid transmission of harmful bacteria and viruses. Dahanu Taluka Environment Protection Authority’s chairman, Justice Arun B. Chaudhari was the key-note addresser in the CSIR-Neeri workshop. Paras Pujari outlined the workshop, while the welcome address was delivered by Pawan Kumar Labhasetwar. GK Khadse gave a note of thanks to all attendees and speakers in this water resources management workshop for a sustainable future of India.

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