Say Goodbye To Your Favorite Champagne As Climate Change Might Make It Extinct  

climate change effects on Grapevine Physiology

Love drinking wine after a hard day of work? Or enjoy drinking a glass or two of champagne while dining out? Then chances are you are going to miss this drink when it becomes extinct. Yes, you heard it right champagne might become extinct due to climate change.

According to the a San Francisco- based AI platform, Climate AI this prediction was made. ClimateAI  is a climate resilience platform that uses AI driven data to raise concerns about effects of climate change on production of grape varieties that are used to make champagne.

Due to less and less production of specific grape varieties needed to make champagne there will be a shortage of champagne. According to the data provided by ClimateAI, several gape varieties are at risk due to climate change especially grape varieties that are used to make pinot noir, merlot, chardonnay.

These grapes variety might go extinct and by the year 2050 champagne or wine lovers might find it hard to get their hands on their favorite drinks. This has been said by Will Kletter, the VP of Operations and Strategy at ClimateAI.

Kletter explains the reason for this extinction, saying that the smooth taste of champagne comes from rich flavor in the grapes from a balance between warm sunny days and cool nights. But as Earth temperature rises there are less chances of cool nights that might impact the taste of the grapes which will impact the champagne taste as well.

Wine or champagne are made with grapes that have a particular taste, acidity and grown in a particular region with perfect temperature. Due to global warming, temperatures all over the globe are getting affected so generally regions were champagne or wine variety grapes grow are also affected.

The temperature changes are making grapes harvesters risk over-ripening and early harvest leading to change in the grapes flavor and quality needed to produce wine.

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