Top 12 Best Solar Companies Of 2023

Solar Companies

Are you getting worried about your increasing energy bills from the electricity company? Think it’s becoming too much for you? Why not take the help of the best solar companies to install the best solar panels?

Having solar panels in your house in 20232 is a great idea since the prices of electricity will keep rising. Therefore, it’s time to take electricity production into your own hands and install solar panels to reduce electricity bills. Learn about the ten best companies by reading this post.

Best Solar Companies Of 2023

The best solar companies that will dominate the solar energy market in 2023 are said to be the following organizations:

1. Sunpower

Sunpower solar

If you want the best solar companies that produce all their products in-house in their factories, you have Sunpower. So far, this company has provided some of the most energy-efficient and customizable solar panels till now.

This company offers four different solar panels. In addition, it also offers battery storage systems and various electric vehicle chargers. The best service they provide is a long 25-year warranty on solar panels.

Available all over the USVarious products like solar panels, electric vehicle chargers, batteries, etc.Provides warranty of upto 25 years.The price tag is more expensive compared to peers.

2. Momentum Solar

Momentum Solar

If you want an effortless transition to using solar panels in your house, then Momentum Solar has got you covered. This company provides great customer service, taking care of all aspects like solar panel setup and more.

This company provides seven different solar panels to choose from. In addition, you also get an intuitive mobile application that provides you with real-time feedback on energy produced and used.

Helps customers to enroll themselves in government savings programs.Has seven different solar panels.Partnership with Enphase to offer solar batteries.Not available in many federal states.No pricing information is available on their website.

3. Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven Solar

If you want great returns on services from the best solar companies, then Blue Raven will serve you well. This is because this company provides a 25-year warranty on all their products. Additionally, you will also get a 10-year workmanship warranty as well.

However, if the energy produced by their solar panels ever falls short, it will provide a free upgrade. This company also provides a BluePower+ loan for 18 months of solar energy.

Provides 18 months of solar energy for free.No downpayment is required for installation. Two-year guarantee on production.No lease or PPA is available. Available in only 22 states.

4. Tesla Energy

Tesla Energy

Elon Musk is the richest man in the world. He is also the man behind some of the best solar companies, like Tesla. With its limited range of products available everywhere in this country, you can get Tesla Solar Panels almost anywhere in any state.

However, its installation services are not available in all states. But the use of the Tesla mobile app for monitoring energy production and consumption is commendable. Tesla also provides  25 years of warranty on all products.

Provides pricing information online. You can use the Tesla mobile app for 24/7 energy monitoring.25-year warranty.Only four products are available. Installation is not available in all states.

5. ADT Solar

ADT Solar

Formerly known  as SunPro Solar, ADT Solar has risen to become one of the best solar companies in Texas. When it comes to various forms of protection services provided to customers, this company provides the best of them.

In their services, they provide an extended 25-year warranty on their solar panels, inverters, and labor charges. However, their most unique service is providing a definite power production over the years. If your production ever falls short, the company will pay you $0.10 per kWh that fell short.

Introduced self-monitoring systems like Enphase MyEnlighten.25-year warranty.Various options for financing customers.Available in only 21 federal states.No pricing information is available on the website.

6. Sunrun Solar

Sunrun Solar

If you want the ultimate protection against solar panel issues, then Sunrun Solar has got you covered. This solar company provides various monthly lease policies, as well as various other payment plans for customers.

In addition, the company will provide a free upgrade to your system if its energy efficacy ever decreases. Therefore, you can live without worries as long as you have Sunrun Solar products.

Provides coverage for thefts and damages.Provides daily monitoring of installations.Great customer service through online chats.Not available in many states.No product and pricing details are available online.

7. Vision Solar

Vision Solar

Regarding some of the new solar companies, Vision Solar is one of the better ones. Installing solar panels on houses since 2018, this company has quickly risen to success with great customer support and speedy installation processes.

Vision Solar guarantees 20% savings on your electricity bills due to the use of solar energy. In addition, installing their solar panels is pretty cost-efficient since you have to pay a 0% downpayment.

Provides roofing and electrical assistance services.Great customer service.No pricing plans are available on their website.Numerous complaints regarding the quality of products.

8. Palmetto Solar

Palmetto Solar

If you want the best customer support from the best San Diego solar companies, Palmetto Solar is the best. This is because there are many ways to reach out to this company for product support, maintenance, and repairs. This includes contacting them via phone, email, or their website.

Palmetto Solar will actively monitor all your energy requirements, providing a 25-year warranty on output. Additionally, they provide consultation services for interested customers as well.

Offers extensive protection plans.You can use an online calculator to measure solar savings.25-year warranty.It’s not available in most states.No pricing information is available online.

9. Zenernet Solar

Zenernet Solar

Zenernet Solar has one of the best initiation processes amongst all of the best solar companies in Florida. Before installing your solar panel, you can book their consultation services. Then, they will evaluate the effectiveness of using solar energy in your house and install small solar panels accordingly.

Provides $500 installation referrals.Great consultations.Fully certified installers.Products and services are available only in 16 states.No leases and PPA.

10. Trinity Solar

Trinity Solar

If you want the best solar companies in the USA with lots of years of experience, you will get that from Trinity Solar. It’s one of the highest-selling solar companies, selling more than 80,000 panels so far.

Trinity Solar offers four different payment options for customers. They also provide 25 years of warranty and five years of workmanship warranty as well.

Provides roofing and electrical assistance services.Various payment schemes.It’s a private company.Provides only a 5-year warranty.Available in only 9 states.

11. Elevation Solar

Elevation Solar

Elevation Solar is one of the best solar companies in Arizona. If you want the least bills from using solar panels, then you cannot go wrong with their appliances.

This company has a great customer care service that supports energy issues, poor insulation, and air leaks. All their products also have 25-year warranties too!

25-year product warranty.Provides complete home assessments.Monitor your energy usage.Available only in 5 states.No information on pricing is available on their website.

12. Green Home Systems

Green Home Systems

If you want high-quality products at affordable prices from one of the best solar companies, then contact Green Home Systems. So far, they provide some of the best solar roof shingles and solar tiles for your house.

To buy their products, you can apply for a loan or pay up directly. Their products have a 25-year warranty and 10-year output warranties.

Provide additional solar generators and batteries.Provides roofing and solar panel installations.25-year warranty.Products are available in 10 states only.Provides no leases and PPA.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Interested solar panel buyers have asked several questions about the best solar companies. The answers to some of these questions are:

1. How Do I Choose A Good Solar Company?

There are two things you need to look at while choosing a solar company:
⦿ The user reviews regarding the quality and services of the company.
⦿ Ensure that your area is under their radar where they can install the panels.
⦿ The cost of their products and services.
⦿ Years of warranty provided.

2. Does Solar Increase Home Value?

Yes, solar panels will increase the value of your house. In the USA, the value of your house will rise by approximately 4% to 5% if you install solar panels.

3. What Is The Average Lifespan Of Solar Panels?

On average, a solar panel will last for approximately 35 years. This is the reason why good solar companies will provide 25 years of warranty.

Will Solar Power Companies Lead The Future?

Learning about the best solar companies is paramount due to the inflating costs of utilities like electricity. This is because the best companies will provide the best value for the money that you need. Additionally, they will provide quality panels with 25 years of warranty as well to help you live tension free.
If you plan to buy a solar panel, then let me know in the comments which company you have chosen from here! Also, check out our other posts here at Istana Green World!ṣ

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