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Best Inverter Battery As Per Their Performance – Thinks You Must Know

best inverter battery

 As summer approaches, most Indian families are plagued by power outages and voltage spikes. People hunt for reliable solutions to these problems and rely on inverters and inverter batteries.

What is critical is that the inverter you need must be powerful enough to give the required power for a few hours. It is why we must find out what the best inverter battery is in the market.

An inverter’s battery is its beating heart. The longevity and performance of an inverter are heavily reliant on the quality of the battery. Basic computation of battery capacity is calculated using the power need, the number of backup hours necessary, and the battery voltage. Let’s find out what is the best inverter battery in the market today.

Why Do You Need An Inverter Battery?

Today’s appliances are designed for heavy-duty use, even in inclement weather. To continuous power outages, old devices may have technical issues at a point.

According to research, the refrigerators in our homes are the most impacted electrical equipment. The freezers of most refrigerators in India have experienced problems to continuous power outages, followed by microwave ovens and ceiling fans.

It is necessary to find a remedy to prevent long-term harm to the critical electrical equipment in our homes. The simplest solution is to install an inverter.

An inverter is a machine that requires nominal power to convert direct current to alternating current to power your electrical devices. Inverter batteries power the inverters. If you want your inverter to perform smoothly, you’ll need the best inverter battery.

How To Choose The Best Invert Battery?

There are some factors to keep in mind prior you buy the best inverter battery for your home. If you don’t consider these factors, you may end up squandering your money on a faulty product, which we don’t want. Why think you check the points prior to you deciding to buy the best inverter battery? 

Battery Capacity

The capacity of an inverter battery is 1Ah if it can produce one amp of electricity for one hour. You can determine your house’s required inverter battery capacity by multiplying the load needs by the number of backup hours you require.

Power Density

It is the highest rate at which energy is released per unit mass. The battery you select should have a higher power density.


Choose a dependable and renowned brand to guarantee the battery has a longer life lifetime. It is determined by the battery’s power density and its power stability.


At high temperatures, even the best battery for inverter can degrade. A battery that can operate better at warmer temperatures should be used.


Look for batteries that are inexpensive and provide excellent performance. The battery’s performance should complement its pricing; it won’t be a value for money product for your home.

Warranty Period

The best Inverter batteries are costly, and they fail to perform adequately. In such instances, if a warranty covers the product, the consumer can have it repaired, replaced, or refunded.

Customer Service

Post-sale management or service is a critical component that may make or break a business. If you buy the best inverter battery, it may falter, the company’s customer service facility should be efficient, quick, and professional.

Best Inverter Batteries For Home

Nowadays, some people are buying solar inverters, and while they are a good option, not all of us have that much patience to maintain a solar inverter, right? That’s why in this list, we have narrowed down the best inverter batteries for your home. We have chosen these batteries based on the mentioned specifications you can trust our list.

1: Exide IMST1500 

Exide is one of India’s most reputable battery manufacturers. The battery’s tubular plate shape is ideal for deep discharge. Ihe battery is developed with larger plates and approximately 20% more electrolytes, providing it an advantage over other cells on the market. This inverter with battery price costs a total of Rs. 12,600. It comes with a warranty period of 3 years.



  • It is durable and long-lasting.
  • It requires low maintenance.
  • It comes with a three years warranty period.
  • A few customers have complained about the backup time of this best inverter battery.

2: Luminous RC 18000 

The Luminous RC 18000 comes with a three-year guarantee and innovative tabular-plate technology. The best inverter battery ensures effective operation via a continuous power supply. The Luminous cell also has many security features, like excellent overcharge tolerance. It is, user-friendly and easy to maintain. The inverter battery price is Rs. 12,300.



  • It is the best inverter battery for heavy-duty appliances.
  • It ensures maximum tolerance for an overcharge.
  • It is easy to use and even easier to maintain.
  • It is a tad expensive than the inverters on this list.

3: Amaron 150Ah

We all know that India’s weather can be brutal in summer, causing massive power outages. he Amaron inverter battery is exceptionally engineered to endure the severe Indian weather. This is the best inverter battery, which is designed to withstand high power demands. The batteries are composed of high heat resistant calcium and alloys with a capacity of 150Ah. It costs Rs. 12,450.



  • It requires much lesser water consumption.
  • It has a lower lead reserve ratio.
  • It responds to fast and easy charging.
  • It is the most long-lasting luminous inverter with a battery.
  • It is expensive.

4:Luminuous RC 25000

This is also the best inverter battery as its tall tubular battery is specially designed for heavy loads during massive power failures. A power outage, an auto-reset button is there to remove the extra load. The electrolyte capacity of the battery is approximately 19.90 liters. There are six water level indicators, and its minimum voltage is 12 volts. It costs Rs. 15,481.

Pros Cons
  • It comes with a fast-charging option.
  • This luminous battery inverter requires very low maintenance.
  • It is a cheap inverter with battery that bears a heavy load in frequent power loss events.
  • It is expensive.
  • It is a bit fragile in terms of transportation.

5: V-Guard VT 165

This is the best inverter battery as it is compatible with the majority of UPS and inverters. These batteries typically consume 15 to 20 liters of acid per day and can withstand long periods of power loss. The battery is of such excellent quality there is no need for regular maintenance. These batteries are intended to give optimum power and efficiency, and they cost Rs. 15,200.



  • It comes with a 3-year warranty, with the option of an extra 18 months of unpaid coverage.
  • It is one of the cheapest batteries of V-Guard.
  • The battery backup lasts 3-55 hours.
  • It weighs more to inverter batteries in the market.
  • It requires much more expansive space to put this battery to its taller dimension.

6: Luminous SC 18054

A tubular battery with six water level indicators is used in this variant of the best inverter battery. The electrolyte capacity of this battery is 18.2 liters. The voltage used is nominally 12V. This battery’s charging current operates in two modes. First, the product has the most prolonged warranty duration of any of the batteries. The product’s oxide layer gauntlet aids in its longevity. This inverter with battery price costs Rs. 13,800.



  • It is a corrosion-resistant battery.
  • It comes with a fast-charging option.
  • The maintenance cost is pretty meager.
  • In some of the products, customers have found a leakage issue.

7: Exide Industries 150Ah

This is the best inverter battery of Exide. It is outfitted with a one-of-a-kind hybrid alloy technology to avoid the evaporation of water. The device als has a dual plate separation, which protects the batteries from failing prematurely. The top lid has anti-splash protection and is ventilated. It costs Rs. 11,500.



  • It is a value for money product.
  • You can handle it easily.
  • There is no customer complaint found about this product.
  • It takes more time to inverter batteries to charge.


We have shortlisted the best inverter batteries in this article to buy the best one and protect yourself from difficulties the next power outage event. You can buy the inverter from one of these brands and buy the battery from a different brand.

Make sure both brands have a good reputation in the market. If you want to know more about inverter batteries at a low price, you can ping us in the comment box.

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