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ADT Solar Review: User Review, Rating, Price

ADT Solar Review User Review, Rating, Price

What is ADT solar?

In simple words, ADT solar is giving solar solutions to nearby households. These days, everyone is focusing on sustainability. So, why not install some solar panels in your house? You will get battery backup, secure essential power, and can back up your home’s energy. In this article, I will be talking about ADT solar and what people are thinking about this company. 

ADT Solar: Company Overview 

ADT Solar Company Overview

Before coming to the details of the products and services, let’s see the company behind these services. 

Company NameADT Solar (SunPro Solar)
ServicesSolar Panel Installations (Enphase, Unirac, Silfab Solar, Qcells, Canadian Solar)
HeadquartersMandeville, Louisiana
CertificationsLG, Enphase and Unirac Certified Installer; North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)
Average Cost$22,000- $33,000
BBB Rating and Our RatingA and 4.9

ADT Corporation

ADT Corporation

First, talk about ADT Corporation, which has been providing Security Services all over the United States. The company has a reputation and experience of 148 in fire protection, electronic security, and monitoring service. The headquarter is in Boca Raton, Florida.

SunPro Solar

SunPro Solar

On the other hand, SunPro is one of the largest companies in the United States. Last year, Solar Power World’s Magazine named this company in second place for providing 94,959 KW of power in 2020. The company also provides panel installation, design, and consultation processes. The company is in the top five for solar energy solutions, roofing services, and energy consulting. 

ADT Solar

ADT Solar

These two companies merged on November 9, 2021. And they took the initiative to provide solar panels with the name of ADT solar panels with securities together to every household in the United States. Right now, the company provides its services to 21 different states and has claimed that it has successfully installed more than 30,000 solar panels. 

ADT Solar: Reasons To Choose

So, why choose ADT solar? Here are the reasons. 

Trustworthy And Reliable 

Trustworthy and Reliable

ADT is a leading company that has been providing security for almost 150 years. So, if a company has existed for 150 years, and provides services to millions of customers, then you can understand that millions of people trust this company. Also, SunPro is a company that has been giving services since 2007, and it also works great that the company is in the list of top five. So, ADT solar is both trustworthy and reliable. 

Planet Health

Planet Health

The health of the planet is important right now, and there have been so many government and non-government organizations that work for the health of the planet. And solar panels are definitely something that humans should focus on. Also, the process of making energy through solar energy has less impact on the environment. 

Customer Service

Customer Service
Image Source

One of the biggest USPs of the company is to focus on customer service. The company thinks about the customers while providing services. First of all, it makes the process easy and enjoyable. Secondly, customers can get a consultation and then customize the operation and installation process. And lastly, the workers are professional, and you will get the best utility with your system’s connectivity. 

There are other reasons for choosing ADT Solar.

  • You can save the maximum amount with this company.
  • There is dependable backup power. Whenever you need it, you can turn it on. The feature will give you a backup solar battery to safeguard your family and home. 
  • You will get different warranties so that investments will be secured. 
  • There are more than 6 million trusted consumers, so do you have any trust issues with the company?

ADT Solar Reviews

Here are some customer reviews that will help you to make the decision to choose ADT Solar. Also, customer reviews are great to know honest feedback.

  • “This is truly a great company with a bright future. They have just started in CA, and things are looking great for them day after day. The attitude is very positive, and everyone follows the CEO’s lead and is committed to great service and great products. The managers and sales reps all take ownership and give 100% every day. I highly recommend them not only for their solar but also if you’re looking for a career. Great training and a lot of fun people to be around,” by Mike. R. 
  • “My experience with Sun Pro is this: the company only uses a recorded line. When they called me after I responded to an online ad, I was immediately informed that this was a recorded line. I was asked at least four different times if I owned the home during that conversation. I felt as if I were on trial,” by Deeg S.
  • “Five years later and we keep getting checks from Southern California Edison every year for the excess energy we put onto the grid. In 2014, we bought an EV, and it has only ever been charged at home. Despite that, we are still getting checks, one per year, from SoCalEd. This year it was $81, not a lot of money but much better than paying $1,000 to $1,300 per month.  By my calculations, we have now broken even, and the next 15 to 20 years we’ll just be getting free energy from the Sun, and possibly checks from the electric company,” by Steve R.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Here are interesting questions and answers.

1. What Brand Of Solar Panels Does ADT Use?

Ans: The main brand that produces most solar panels is LG. And it has an efficiency rate of 22.3%. The average lifespan of an LG solar panel is around 25 to 40 years. And there is a need for microinverters, and Emphase Energy produces those. 

2. How Much Do ADT Solar Panels Cost?

Ans: The cost of an  ADT solar panel costs around $22,000 to $33,000. You may find this a little expensive, but it is worth it. The services that you will get are- solar power battery storage, online monitoring through your smartphone, and 25 years of warranty. Also, there are different options for payment.

3. Which States Does ADT Solar Provide Its Services To?

Ans: Right now, the company provides to 21 different states. These are as follows.
1. Virginia 
2. Texas
3. Tennessee
4. South Carolina
5. Oklahoma
6. Ohio
7. North Carolina
8. New Mexico
9. Nevada
10. Nebraska
11. Missouri
12. Mississippi
13. Los Angeles
14. Kansas
15. Iowa
16. Illinois
17. Georgia
18. Florida
19. California
20. Arkansas
21. Arizona

Our Verdict 

If I have to give my honest review about ADT Solar, then there are so many pros than cons. Firstly the company gives excellent services to the customers, there will be a warranty for 25 years, the employees and workers are knowledgable and professionals, there is a referral incentive. The companies are both reliable and trustworthy. Lastly, you will get excellent customer service.

After reviewing many reviews and websites, I have found two main cons the users face. The first one is there is a difference between the online estimations and the actual price after installation. So you will not get a proper estimation online. And secondly, after installation, if you find any issues, then you have to wait for a couple of days and months for repair. 

Now, it’s up to you whether you want to install a solar panel or not. If you have any queries, then feel free to ask in the comment section below. 

Thank You.

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